Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sikander says Kulfi gained’t sing in any weddings, in my house music is worshipped, and in weddings track is not reputable, Vikram says this stuff are just to mention, you’re this type of hypocrite, you and amyra can sing in wedding ceremony however kulfi can’t. Sikander says what’s incorrect, this isn’t genuine, Vikram says ask your daughter Amyra, Amyra says my manager has determined we will both sing in equal wedding ceremony as duo, sikander asks what who, Amyra says mom is my supervisor, Sikander says all stay here and cute include me, Kulfi thinks what is all this confusion. Mohendar says Vikram i have few questions what’s kulfis benefit in this, Gunjan take Kulfi in her room, Vikram says no want, permit matters be obvious.

Lovely says I recognise this enterprise, we can use this opportunity for amyra, Sikander says you realize this Lovely, i’ve fought in opposition to this loads, it’s towards my important, I released them together to deliver them close and now not male them paintings. Vikram says the wedding is Jimmy Gazdar he will understand her talent and kulfi doesn’t have sikanders call, global will recognize she has earned it and now not were given it. Lovely says sikander is it nice if amyra stays at the back of, you understand amyra become a terrible singer, but she proved us wrong, she did pass until finals, it’s my daughters dream and i’m able to fulfill it, can’t you spot kulfis destiny is deliberate, however Amyra is simply excited about being with you, rehearsing with you, sikander says i can rehearse with her, Lovely says great, my daughter will move, if you don’t need to don’t.

Vikram says kulfi don’t fear i will come with you, don’t be scared, Mohendar says kulfi is courageous, Vikram says she is child, her way of thinking isn’t right for this industry however don’t worry you have Vikram Ahuja with you, she is talented, just desires some mind-set, Kulfi asks what’s attitude, Mohendar says don’t fear, simply do as Vikram says, Vikram thinks plan is going as I say, small city humans, now just wait and watch.

Sikander asks Mohendar now not allow Kulfi sing in such weddings, and if she doesn’t sing by heart she received’t be happy, Mohendar says you know the whole lot proper, you’re doing what you did to me, you succeeded but didn’t reflect onconsideration on your brother, and nowadays you taking amyra in advance and preserve kulfi on returned foot, Sikander goes speechless, sikander starts offevolved crying and says do you recognize what you saying,you have got a lot hatred towards me, Mohendar says only I realize what i have been thru, I educated you in Pathankot but you got here to Mumbai and forgot me, even after turning into a celeb you didn’t think about your brother, you know Chandan was higher than you, he had religion me, he became going to speak to Balwant for me,sikander says I by no means knew so much hatred against me, Mohendar says that’s the factor you don’t realize anything, you never assume and leaves.

Gunjan attire kulfi and walks to Mohendar with her, Mohendar says very pretty, Kulfi about to leave, sikander says sorry i can’t allow, you’ve got taught me, track is worship this isn’t completed, Mohendar says i have made you a celeb and now kulfis, you gained’t stop me, and on my orders, give her blessings and permit her, Kulfi takes Sikanders blessings, Mohendar leaves with Kulfi. Mohendar and kulfi arrive at the location, Vikram says anybody turned into awaiting Kulfi inside, security says on,y you can enter with Kulfi, Vikram says Mohendar says be seated right here, don’t fear i can cope with, there’s a few shooting for wedding and the place is little small and too many people don’t fear all can be nice.mohendar says kulfi don’t be scared I’m out here bye.

Lovely walks to Sikander with Amyra and says come permit’s pick tune, Amyra says it’s okay mom he’s busy considering kulfi I recognize he goes to see her each night but when I’m here please supply me a few attention. Vikram introduces Kulfi to Jimmy, Jimmy says Vikram it’s a live ensure she gives her pleasant. Kulfi is requested to take her spot.

Precap: Director asks kulfi to sing, Kulfi doesn’t solution, director scolds at her.


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