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Pandit remains on wiping out children, team goes ahead stage and take Kulfi and companions away, sikander pivots sees kulfi missing and surges inside, amyra tails him, Lovely and Mohendar pursue. Kulfi and companions terrified and crying and their annihilation. Team strolls in and gets them water, Kulfi says disclose to them we aren’t miscreants Mia strolls in, and admonishes them for lying, and says I’m sorry you all should leave, Kulfi says we have no spot to go, Mia says I don’t have any alternative you need to go, my group should send you out. Pandit says mahesh I let you know not to believe them look now. Sikander exquisite and Mohendar attempt get to kids toss swarm, Mia addresses swarm and says even we found out about this currently, swarm begins tossing stones, sikander gets the chance to kid, and gets, within. Amyra throes to reach Sikander.

Sikander picks kulfi in his arms, Sikander says exquisite you realize what you need to do, Lovely says yes I will tell police she is guiltless, Kulfi pushes Sikander away and says now you care for me, for what reason are you here now, you pushed me away, tossed me out of house, I won’t leave my companions, Kulfi runs, sikander going to pursue, amyra stops him, Mia requests to record everything. Mia says I’m sorry sikander I trust you are fine, I figure you should leave with your girl, Sikander says I won’t disregard those children, Mia says police will send them to remand home. Amyra says father she said she don’t need you, remain with me don’t go to her, mother let him know, help him to remember his guarantee.

Stunning says Amyra tune in, amyra says nobody cares regarding me, it’s everything unreasonable, amyra begins freezing, sikander requests to get a specialist. A,yea is being analyzed by specialist. Amma strolls to kulfi and companions. Amyra says father I won’t feel better I’ll you say you won’t help Kulfi, Lovely says Amyra every one of these things later, amyra says I learnt kulfis truth thus I deliberately expelled her veil so she could be sent back, she generally pursues father, I need to stop this, you are my father and my educator and you can’t break guarantees made to me, so guarantee me you won’t stop Kulfi, let her go, I’m with you. I’m your solitary little girl, you won’t recall her, guarantee me please.

Amma says you saw right what happens when you flee from Amma, you don’t have any presence and will never have. Stunning says Amyra we both are closest companions I never break your guarantee right, I guarantee father won’t stop Kulfi, he will remain with you, presently don’t take strain, return home with dadi, amyra leaves with Bebe and Gunjan. Stunning takes a gander at Sikander, Sikander asks Mohendar go see Kulfi. Amma says to kulfi,168 dark room is hanging tight for you, remove them.

Mohendar strolls in and attempts to stop Amma, Gunjan tires to converse with Amma and not remove kids, gunjan asks Mia to help, sikander sees Amma, and kulfi being removed with her companions, sikander makes a stride ahead, amyra stops him. A vehicle stops Amma and children, official hands a letter to Amma and says you can’t remove these children, Amma says I can, he says home priest sent me here, Amma says they fled from my remand home, he says they did it in most noticeably bad circumstance and home clergyman take their assurance nobody can deny that, Sikander grins, Mia thinks how home pastor is included.

(Flawless to Sikander, sikander you are allowed to help Kulfi, I have guaranteed Amyra, there is an approach to help Kulfi, you are on great terms with home priest, and sang on his little girls wedding a tune on daughters,he had cherished it, he will clearly help. )

Kulfi and companions grin, sikander thinks Kulfi you at flee from me yet the association will dependably be there.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Kulfi gets stun from mic, rocket and Sikander propel her through melody, Kulfi unfit to talk.


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