Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Amma. She loses her mood listening to Kulfi’s music. She comes to the kitchen and gets extremely joyful to look the cleanliness inside the kitchen.

Sikander scrolls through lovely’s stuff to find evidence concerning Kulfi’s place. adorable attempts to play with Sikander’s feelings by taking Amyra’s call.

Sikander informs cute that he’ll take Amyra to a famed physician from the united states for her treatment.

Amma involves the mess and asks the students approximately who was singing the track. Kulfi asks for extra food from Rajan. Amma fills up Kulfi’s plate with quite a few meals and asks her to finish the meals.

Kulfi vomits the food out. Amma shouts at her for disturbing more food from Rajan. Kulfi misses Sikander.

one of the college students come to Kulfi and advises her to sing a song to affect Amma.

The physician tells Sikander that Amyra has fed on something due to which her fitness has deteriorated. Sikander makes a decision to discover reality.

Kulfi comes to Amma’s room and begins making a song and dancing out of doors her room as counselled by her roommate.

Amma comes and stops Kulfi. but Kulfi fails to pay attention to her. Kulfi tells Amma about the scholar who instigated her to do all this.

Amma makes Kulfi a secret elegance monitor. She asks Kulfi to tell her approximately all the whereabouts of the students.

Sikander tells lovable what all the doctor informed him. lovely breaks down mastering approximately Amyra’s fitness. adorable pleads to God to spare her daughter.

Amma desires all of the college students to dislike Kulfi

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode update online story ends.

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