Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Amma. She loses her temper tuning in to Kulfi’s melody. She goes to the kitchen and motivates enchanted to see the neatness in the kitchen.

Sikander looks through Lovely’s stuff to discover evidence concerning Kulfi’s area. Lovely endeavours to play with Sikander’s feelings by taking Amyra’s name.

Sikander educates Lovely that he will take Amyra to a prestigious specialist from America for her treatment.

Kulfi questions his flatmates about taking nourishment. They attempt to conceal the circumstance with an untruth.

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Amma goes to the chaos and gets some information about who was singing the melody. Kulfi requests more nourishment from Rajan. Amma tops off Kulfi’s plate with a great deal of nourishment and requests that her completion the sustenance.

Kulfi retches the sustenance out. Amma yells at her for requesting more sustenance from Rajan. Kulfi misses Sikander.

One of the understudies come to Kulfi and encourages her to sing a tune to awe Amma.

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#SiKulfi #Cute #FatherDaughterMoments #Sikander #Candid #Moments #BehindTheScenes Mohit Malik And Aakriti Sharma

The specialist reveals to Sikander that Amyra has expended something on account of which her wellbeing has weakened. Sikander chooses to discover reality.

Kulfi goes to Amma’s room and begins singing and moving outside her room as prompted by her flatmate.

Amma comes and stops Kulfi. Yet, Kulfi neglects to hear her out. Kulfi educates Amma regarding the understudy who affected her to do this.

Amma makes Kulfi a mystery class screen. She gets some information about all the whereabouts of the understudies.

Sikander reveals to Lovely what all the specialist let him know. Lovely separates finding out about Amyra’s wellbeing. Lovely argue to God to save her little girl.

Amma needs every one of the understudies to disdain Kulfi.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode update online story ends.

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