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Mia considering who more likely than not reached home pastor and says obviously it’s Sikander by what method will he let his little girl go so effectively and now I will influence him to uncover this fact on his own.mia sees Sikander in her office and says I was pondering, kids like Kulfi and companions who are lawbreakers, sikander says kulfi isn’t criminal, Mia says sorry dont feel awful however that is the thing that everybody says and how homed clergyman find out about this, who probably included him, who do you think, sikander says I don’t have a clue, Mia says I know it’s you, and demonstrates to him a clasp where kulfi takes his endowments without anybody’s notice, Mia says you can continue lying and we both know reality, thus who is Kulfi to you. Sikander inquires as to for what reason are you doing it, your work is to run this show, dramatization TRP and discussion makes appear however my life isn’t your show so please keep it that way, your show is great, don’t ruin it and leaves.Mia says it’s an unscripted TV drama and I will demonstrate the truth to group of onlookers and in next round you will uncover it all alone.

Each parent in show judge kulfi and her companions, sikander going to help, amyra stops him, sikander supposes I can’t see torment in my little girls eyes, what will I do to cheer you. Mia comes and address everybody, and says as home pastor tended to us I would pass it that equivalent, these children may have fled from remand home yet are kids so brighten up and proceed with your training with your master for wistfulness round, Sikander supposes I can’t see you along these lines Kulfi I need to plan something for cheer you up,sikander says Amyra remain here I will get something to eat.

Mia asks mahesh to concentrate on preparing kids and not different outcomes as it could be winning group. Team gets kids dessert, Kulfi recalls an old scene, where she gripes Sikander how she feels abnormal in new school, and gets a handle on left, sikander says remain here I have arrangement and gets her Vanilla frozen yogurt and says it’s Chandu Kalia fixes each misery. Kulfi adores it.

Kulfi grins seeing dessert and hands each to her companions and discloses sikanders reasoning to them, sikander grins seeing her grin. Amyra likewise having dessert. Mia is given a dark bag, by falana, Mia says great, sentimentality and these old mics will look great in front of an audience and will,do our work in front of an audience as well, and don’t enlighten dhimkana concerning it she is passionate about those children.

Sikander calls dazzling, and thanks flawless for making a difference. Exquisite begins crying and says I truly did exceptionally terrible with you, Kulfi and my very own child, don’t thank if it’s not too much trouble I’m truly lamenting, I can’t live this way, sikander says enough, in the event that you can persuade somebody it’s Kulfi, in the event that she can pardon you, might be your lament can diminish, you have filled such a great amount of contempt in amyra look what she has transformed into and poor kulfi look how she is enduring. Amyra hears them talk and strolls in, and asks what were you talking, sikander says your next round what’s pending, amyra says practices, sikander says cmon at that point.

Mahesh strolls to kulfi and companions, and says how about we overlook the past, you are still piece of this challenge and your point ought to be to win, and I need to see the flame in you. Amyra solicits what is threatening from wistfulness, sikander clarifies its absent or restoring old recollections. Amyra asks what tune will we sing at that point, sikander recalls ones kulfi races to him chuckling hard and says I saw amyra moving on this melody blast, sikander says I adore this tune as well, Kulfi begins moving, sikander considering kulfi gets up and says sorry and enlightens amyra concerning the tune, amyra says omg I cherish this tune, I have moved on this tune so often, sikander says I know, amyra says that is on the grounds that you are my father.

Mahesh says old melodies have substantial feelings since opportunity flied never arrives back,Kulfi says I know one old tune which my Baba instructed me,shall I, mahesh says beyond any doubt, Mia says Sikander an opportunity to talk up truth is here.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Kulfi singing, Kulfi gets stuns from mic and blacks out.


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