Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

KKB 22 March 2019 Episode In the upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi has a brand new plan of break out. but will it work?

It changed into pretty apparent that Kulfi and Sikander’s reunion would not be so smooth. even as you would possibly have typical that they could reunite inside the previous episode, it didn’t show up. within the preceding episode, Kulfi did listen Sikander’s voice or even spotted him.

However, matters were not clean for her as just earlier than accomplishing Sikander, Kulfi was apprehended by way of Amma Ji. The livid Amma Ji additionally reprimanded them for trying to get away her clutches. As punishment, Amma Ji requested the children to stay up the entire night time and prepare a humongous amount of meals for day after today.

At the same time as the sad children were moping about it, Kulfi observed the Little Superstars opposition poster which made her feel that she have to attempt to enrol for it. meanwhile, Amyra also needs to participate within the equal contest with Sikander’s assist.

Within the promo of the Coming episode, Amyra is visible suffering along with her making a song as she isn’t always top. even as Sikander is assisting her along with her singing, she ends up coughing and feeling breathless. Kulfi, however, desires to construct a large parachute in order to suffice all of the kids so that they can all fly away.

Kulfi is a herbal singer so for her to get in the contest isn’t always that tough. The handiest problem is being physically present there for the competition.

Will Sikander be capable of fulfil Amyra’s wish? Will he be capable of educate her nicely sufficient for her to win the competition? Will Kulfi have the ability to take part and escape Amma Ji? Stay tuned to Tellyupdates.Me for all updates on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.


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