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Amyra upset about sikander and kulfi pair, sikander and exquisite quiet her down,amyra says kulfi and father will get to know each other disliking, Lovely says he will simply practice with her and all the rest of the time with you. Amyra gets irritated and leaves. Sikander separates, Lovely says don’t stress I will mind Kulfi you quiet down.

Zinda and chittu attempting to nourish kulfi, rocket says I won’t have sustenance until she has, Lovely gradually signs them and gets them out, Lovely hands them nourishment. Rocket says kulfi look it’s baisakhi I went gurudwara and got Prasad have a few. Kulfi has it. Sikander with children says we should start practices, sikander asks what is it called, throughout the day harmonium, sikander says no it’s called practice box, sikander makes a decent attempt and furthermore her companions to cheer kulfi to sing, sikander says so we should sing Kulfi, Kulfi begins crying, rocket and Bansi inquire as to why cry, sikander says in the event that you irate vent it out, yet no indignation regarding music cmon we should practice, Kulfi doesn’t join sikander, sikander says these children adore you so much, they discover it so difficult to invest energy without you, you are my life, I mean their life, and you said you won’t abandon them so will you now, they will free the challenge, OK sing for your mom.

Kulfi endeavored to sing, however unfit to, Mia watching them says god what’s going on with her, on the off chance that she can’t sing I should take out her I can’t manage the cost of that. Sikander says cmon state something, Kulfi endeavors to talk yet incapable, Kulfi signs Sikander to get her book and pen, Kulfi composes on it I’m making a decent attempt however I’m unfit to, I’m frightened. Sikander embraces her and says all fine, don’t stress I’m with you, you will talk and sing. Specialist inspects kulfi and says she is in injury, after her pressure diminishes she will talk yet we have time range of 48 hours or it’s a difficult issue, she may never talk at that point. Sikander says how could that be, Im here for her, Doctor says 48 hours diminish her pressure, Sikander says I will, Mia says I’m upset for what occurred, however show must go and by tomorrow in the event that she doesn’t sing benam gathering will be precluded and as a master for this round no one but you can help her everything the best.

Kulfis companion thinking what endeavors they can put to make Kulfi talk, rocket says we can’t free expectation how about we continue spurring her. Sikander says to beautiful I won’t let my girl free the thing most near her, Lovely says no one but you can help her like she has dependably helped you, sikander says I figure I should take her out might be then she will vent her indignation on me and talk something yet amyra, Lovely says I’m here for amyra. Amyra with her new educator, she adulates Amyra, Lovely says child I’m so cheerful for you, amyra says however this is kulfis class she will win, Lovely says infant Kulfi lost her voice in light of stun, amyra considers on the off chance that she doesn’t sing tomorrow that would be so extraordinary, she will be wiped out and out of rivalry and our lives.

Chittu asks will Kulfi sing, rocket says yes,Akash says why lie she won’t, rocket says you are terrified of her, Akash says I need Kulfi to be fine, it’s great to praise your success just when you have extraordinary contender, one stun removed her voice might be another recover her. Falana mia strained about kulfi, Mia says I can’t release her, she is soul of show,Falana proceed to pursue sikander and kulfi however be cautious nobody ought to find out about it, leave.

Sikander says god kindly don’t take the blessing she has, it would be ideal if you be with my child, sikander gets her coconut water, and says wow it’s yumm, Kulfi denies.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Sikander sings for kulfi, Kulfi keeps crying,falana recording them.


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