Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sikander reads the diary ahead, nimrat reads I aimed her as we desired candy and what matters us maximum, I named our daughter on our sweetest memory,sikander reveals the web page wherein name written burnt, nimrat shouts it’s Kulfi, Sikander thinks of Nimrat and runs to his room, and eliminates his handkerchief proficient via nimart and realises kulfi is his daughters name, nimrat glad and says yes our daughter kulfi. Sikander reads ahead, nimrat writes, our daughter sings much like you, she has stunning voice, sikander recalls meeting Kulfi and the way she described her father,Sikander very satisfied and recollects every moment with Kulfi.

Sikander says god my daughter turned into with me all the time,nimrat says and you couldn’t understand her and smiles, sikander says that is why we’re so related to each other and that i sense that ache whilst she is far from me, and come what may we get again together because she is mine, my daughter, nimrat says cmon arise pass get your daughter, Sikander says I gained’t let my daughter cross far from me and rushes to get her.nimrat says cross sikander get our daughter, get her returned to her father, thank you god for reuniting kulfi and Sikander, preserve my family happy and collectively and Nimrat leaves.

Sikander on his manner thinking about kulfi all the time, and says kulfi you are not alone, you’ve got the circle of relatives, your baba is here, my love will remedy all your disappointment, Sikander reveals the automobile, however, reveals kulfi missing and different passenger in it. Sikander coronary heartbroken says kulfi dear your father is waiting to peer you, sikander choices kulfis shape and is going towards boarding faculty, excited to tell Kulfi that he’s her father. Sikander reaches faculty, and asks for kulfi and introduces himself as kulfis father, Sikander carrying flora and items for kulfi and eagerly anticipating her, he imagines himself being with Nimrat when Kulfi became born and via them whilst she grew up.

Sikander apprehensive, and says god I’m so fearful, and says What if Kulfi asks me all the ones questions she were asked a majority of these years what’s going to I solution her, anyhow she has to invite it’s her right, but how will I tell her she is my daughter and starts training, and says we usually felt the connection proper, it’s because I’m in reality your daughter, peon says talk to ma’am.sikander tells ma’am about kulfi, she says we have no woman named Kulfi, Sikander says she ought to have reached simply now, she says no methods, there no girl right here, Sikander shows picture, she says no she isn’t here, Sikander indicates shape, ma’am says it’s no longer our boarding college and suggests the unique shape. sikander stressed.

Sikander remembers how desperately cute desired to send Kulfi away, Sikander goes home and sees lovable. Amyra prepared to play with Sikander, cute says cmon play, sikander acts for Amyra, amyra gets scared and says thanks dad, after goodbye I feel homely,we are able to be like this proper, sikander says yes visit your room I’ve to speak for your mom, amyra says you will combat again, Sikander says no you visit your room, I may be there, amyra leaves.

Sikander says adorable without creating any drama inform me in which is my daughter kulfi.

Precap: Sikander says lovely she is my daughter I don’t want you to find my daughter, adorable says you will by no means find her, each person gathers, adorable says as a substitute of having disenchanted over me why don’t you ask them why did they conceal the fact from you.


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