Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sikander and kulfi together, Sikander says live here I shall get lower back. Sikander appears at celebrity and says nimi I know you may in no way forgive me however atleast help me for sake of our daughter we don’t have a lot time, Kulfi sees a car drawing near Sikander, and tries to look, sikander sees the automobile and gets aside, sikander sees scared Kulfi and rushes to her, Kulfi hugs him and starts offevolved crying.mia says i’ve an idea, i am so amazing. Kulfi walks to her friends, her buddies ask her to sing or talk , Kulfi doesn’t, she hugs her pals and starts offevolved crying.

Mia suggests Sikander video in which kulfi does have a few voice however for her to recover we nee do positioned you in danger i’ve an concept. pals try and calm and cheer kulfi, Akash says not anything is gonna work winner is Akash, i was anyways gonna win, Akash says kulfi prevent crying, sing in any other case go away, let’s see your guts say a phrase I shall in no way problem, Kulfi tries hard, but couldn’t talk so leaves, Akash says I attempted in order that she will be able to speak, I’m sorry i used to be seeking to assist. Sikander asks Mia how could she shoot with out permission, Mia says I did it for betterment, and the act I’m suggesting is all to help Kulfi please strive an recognize and i’ve a daughter too, I know Kulfi isn’t your daughter however we could assist a kid, complete lifestyles she will have to spend with out voice, please take this chance for this kid.

subsequent round begins, rocket says we have no tune, no rehearsals, Kulfi can’t sing we are able to be eliminated. cute appears at Kulfi thinks her kingdom doesn’t look top how will she sing. Harsh calls Akash on degree, Akash starts offevolved his overall performance,harsh asks judges to score Akash, chittu says he changed into so right, sikander looks at Kulfi and smiles, Kulfi thinking about elimination.

Sikander having water, Kulfi walks to him and symptoms him, sikander says talk I don’t understand,sikander says forestall I recognise you could sing, no one will make fun of you,Kulfi gets paper and pen and writes down when I don’t believe myself why do you, and that i’m no one to you so why do you consider me,sikander begins crying and pulls her close and says and about to say I’m your, sees Amyra and stop.

Precap: Sikander singing on stage, Kulfi tries tough to sing, Kulfi sees Sikander on stage singing and chandelier to crumble on him.


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