Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Harsh welcomes benam bunch in front of an audience, and says kulfi unfit to sing however we trust, so sikander her master has mentioned to give her a chance to perform, as how about we welcome them both in front of an audience, kulfi frightened strolls in stage with her companions, pandit says by what means will voice come now, it hasn’t till now, Udit and Usha state we shouldn’t lose trust, music has parcel of intensity, all the best. Amyra supposes I’m supplicating kulfi that you never have the capacity to sing. Mia says falana take position and no slip-ups, falana says yes ma’am.

Sikander starts execution, Kulfi in tears as unfit to sing, sikander makes her touch mic while he is singing to remove her dread, Kulfi makes an endeavor to sing yet falls flat, amyra thinks no voice no execution m messy young lady out of the challenge and our lives. Sikander strolls at the inside of stage, while performing, falana begins understanding the ceiling fixture, Kulfi sees it falling over Sikander and yells no and pulls Sikander back, everybody in shock.kulfi asks Sikander is he fine, sikander glad to see Kulfi talk, her companions and Mia glad to, sikander says continue talking Kulfi, continue talking, Bebe and Mohendar upbeat.

Mia says folks champion is back, this requires a gathering, sikander says kulfi simply sing, dazzling and crowd and Akash cheer for kulfi, Kulfi starts her execution. Kulfi glad, amyra in tears, sikander joins kulfi sing, everybody cheers for kulfi, Kulfi embraces Sikander, cruel says all around done, how about we take makes a decision about audit, Usha and Udit stroll to Kulfi and salute her, Kulfi takes their favors, Panditji says I’m upbeat Kulfi has her voice back, all the best to her. Kulfi is scored 24 by judges,amyra upset. Akash on top pursued by benam and afterward Amyra.amyra in tears.sikander thanks god, amyra and kulfi both are in top 4.

Amyra gives kulfi cold looks, sikander says Amyra you in top 4, congrats. Brutal says next round, hopefuls should sing styles not quite the same as theirs, and we will have top two, sikander begins thinking consider the possibility that Kulfi and Amyra are in top 2.

Benam bunch praise their success and kulfis voice, sikander sees kulfi upbeat, Kulfi says I was feeling the loss of my voice so much, and continues talking, rocket says kulfi breath, kulfi moves and has a ball, sikander glad to see her cheerful. Kulfi and Sikander take a gander at one another, sikander holds her hand, amyra holds his hand ventures in the middle of, Kulfi in tears feels terrible.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Kulfi raps in semi finale,and overlooks her melody. Harsh says our first finalist is Akash.


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