Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shows that Kulfi and Amaira find out the truth of Matka, Kulfi is looking for Matka. At the same time, chawl walls cut the light of Kulfi and Amaira’s kholi. Amaira and Kulfi together find the matka.

It is seen in Kulfi Kumar’s Bajewala show that Kulfi and Amaira learn that a child has been lost due to them. At the same time, the children tell that a boy named Matka has been lost. At the same time, the children told that we had hidden that children in opened number 11, but you guys rented the opened due to which that child has been lost.

At the same time, Amaira and Kulfi learn that the chawl will cut their opened light and will not give water, they will have to leave their chawl. At the same time, children of Kulfi and Chawl are looking for Matka. At the same time, Kulfi learns that the food items are disappearing from her opening. Kulfi says that all these Matka ji are stealing. Kulfi says that Matka is around here. The children of Chawl do not believe Kulfi.

People in Chawl lose their light. At the same time, Kulfi tells Culti that to do something, Amaira Kulfi goes out, Chawl’s light goes out. Amaira and Kulfi are quite scared. Culti tells that these people cut off your light, I have cut the light of Puri Chawl. The people of Chawl get upset at the same time, everyone feels that only those who number 11 have cut our light, let’s teach a lesson.

On the other hand, in prison, Lovely is treated very badly. While there, Alexander comes to meet Lovely and tells Lovely that Jimmy has taken our house by chalky. We are staying in Chawl. At the same time, Lovely tells Alexander that I cannot live in Amira Chawl, Alexander tells that this time I will sing back from my heart and take him back home


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