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Sikander appears at Kulfi, he sees people round playing Holi ,and says sufficient kulfigo play with different kids go and Mohendar include me, Kulfi thinks he is making plans for some marvel, Sikander tells Mohendar kulfi can’t come with him home, and tells about Amyras promise, Mohendar asks how should you, she is a kid how ought to you are saying yes, sikander says didn’t you spot her health, Mohendar says kulfi is your daughter too, sikander says both are and i can’t stay with none, lovable sees helpless Sikander, Sikander says unluckily ice simply select amyra and not kulfi, Mohendar asks what will you inform kulfi, sikander seems at happy Kulfi, and says do me a favour, please shift with my Kulfi and bhabhi in other house i encourage you, Mohendar is of the same opinion, Mohendar says she is my daughter too, I received’t improve her as yours however my very own.

Sikander says my Kulfi will understand, Mohendar says she will however her heart will destroy, sikander says i can’t be her weakness however her hatred for me can be her strength, Mohendar says don’t, sikander says I must, Kulfi sees Sikander and says permit go home I need to see every body I have you I don’t need some thing else, sikander says you may’t live here,Kulfi asks wherein are we staying new residence, i’m able to stay anywhere with you, sikander says hear me cautiously, you may’t stay here with me, in my residence, Kulfi in shock,sikander says you have to separate from me, Kulfi asks are you angry, Sikander hugs her and says no I’m not, Kulfi says I’m you princess you daughter, Sikander says you aren’t any one to me, Kulfi breaks down, sikander says don’t get susceptible, you had been guest at my vicinity and now you have to depart now, you suffered plenty I realize however now all may be properly, you’ll stay with bhabhi and Mohendar, they may look after you want their daughter,Kulfi says I simply need you, sikander says when you left I realised most effective Amyra is important to me and we were very happy, I don’t need you, i’ve only one daughter amyra, and there’s no region for you, sikander leaves.

Kulfi rushes to Sikander and hugs him and says I’m yours don’t do that i can’t depart with out you, sikander says mohendar please take her away, Kulfi says anybody leaves me you don’t try this, i can live in kitchen don’t even provide me room, you live happily with Amyra however don’t leave me,i’m able to study well, make candies for you, sikander says i’m able to come to see you, Kulfi says my baba did equal promise to my mom is that same, sikander says go away, Kulfi asks you don’t need me, sikander says no, Kulfi says even I don’t want absolutely everyone i can stay by myself, sikander says do as I say, you may stay with Mohendar move, Kulfi says each person leaves.

Kulfi considering time spent, she sees Sikander stroll away, Mohendar attempting to find kulfi, kulfis pals see her run away, they observe her and ask her why is she crying and ask her didn’t she meet her father, Kulfi tells them what came about,anyone in surprise, Mohendar searching out kulfi. Kulfi says my baba left me what will I do, chittu says I knew it, not anything can be ever proper with us, what’s going to I do, rocket says we need you, don’t lose desire, Kulfi says I understand you all are with me, but how will I live with out him, rocket says my uncle runs a inn and he loves me plenty he will help us allow’s pass.

Mohendar calls Sikander, Sikander thinking about what came about, and says i’m able to in no way forgive myself for what I did these days, and will die everyday thinking my Kulfi hates me, however she will be able to live fortunately with Mohendar.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode update: Kulfi stops and asks is this your uncle, they see a police asking for them and saying they all are thieves if you find them inform us.


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