Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi sees Amyra disenchanted, amyra thinking everybody calls him my dad but he isn’t always, he’s nothing to me, Kulfi walks to amyra and says I realize you’re dissatisfied, but i like you,amyra says I constantly troubled you why do you adore me, Kulfi says due to the fact you are my sister, amyra says no silly I’m now not your sister, these huge humans fool us, and leaves.

Sikander visits Pakhi and Nandinis house, a man opens the door, sikander says I’m sorry, I’m right here to peer Nandini and Pakhi, Nandini says Bhola, I’m sorry sikander, meet Adarsh my husband pakhis father, Adarsh says Nandini instructed me complete tale, I’m again for Pakhi, please are available in, sikander says no thank you, I’m just right here to thank Nandini and Pakhi, may I please see pakhi, Nandini says she isn’t home, Pakhi hiding, sikander says right here’s present for Pakhi, please supply her my love and benefits and leaves.adarsh says we need to talk.

Amyra is going to kulfis room sees Tevars photograph, and breaks it, she tears the photo into pieces, Kulfi taking walks into her room, Bebe calls her and says here’s your new get dressed to your birthday,your baba were given you this, amyra sees it and feels jealous.

Kulfis party, kulfis pals arrive, Mohendar introduces them to Bebe. Sikander walks out with amyra and kulfi, Kulfi very excited, Kulfi sees her friends and rushes to them, all desire her glad birthday. Bansi says you searching so pretty, Zinda says you sooner or later living the day you dreamt for, Kulfi says it’s like a dream, rocket says it’s not, you worked difficult for at the moment. Sikander gets emotional and says kulfi you waited eight lengthy years for this day, Bebe says all is well see we are all collectively, sikander says these are gifts for your every birthday until now, Kulfi very excited and opens every gift.

Sikander gifts her Payal, harmonium, a bag, amyra says what all is that this, is that this a birthday or a comic story, why didn’t you give her large doll residence, you gave me so many massive matters on my birthday and what all is this, and why are you hiding such huge factor, each person knows she is your daughter, and leaves.

Sikander sings for amyra, amyra leaving, cute stops her. Kulfis birthday cake arrives, sikander says want earlier than you blow candles, Kulfi says I got what I desired, Kulfi says it’s such quite cake I don’t feel like slicing, cute smiles and says cmon, Kulfi offers every body cake and walks to amyra, amyra applies cake on kulfis face, sikander asks why did you try this, amyra holds kulfis face and pushes it in cake, sikander scolds amyra and pushes her, sikander calms himself and walks to amyra, amyra says live away, I’m not your princess.

Precap: Amyra says my hassle is I’m not your daughter, I realize the truth that I’m Tevars daughter.


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