Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

KKB 3 Apr episode starts with Sikander spot Kulfi at the challenge and approach her?

Sikander is a repulsive dad as he picked Amyra over Kulfi. Not simply that, he really approached his young girl to fight for herself in light of the fact that Amyra didn’t need him to return to Kulfi. He could’ve quite recently endeavored to talk sense into Amyra as opposed to forsaking Kulfi. Presently not exclusively is Kulfi destitute with her companions but at the same time is in the police power’s needed rundown. This in light of the fact that Sikander didn’t acknowledge Kulfi and let her stay with him. In the past episode, amid the tryout for Little Superstar, the coordinator discovered that Kulfi and her group are needed outlaws.

In the promotion of the forthcoming episode, Kulfi and her posse are seen pigging out down some sustenance at the tryout setting. As far back as they fled from the ashram, the children haven’t eaten anything. Truth be told, it was their exhausted express that conveyed them to the maker’s notice. So while the children are swallowing down sustenance, Sikander, Amyra and Loveleen are directly behind them. Without a doubt, as Sikander is a star, he and Amyra get unique treatment by the occasion coordinators. Sikander is seen heading towards Kulfi and the others. Will Kulfi and Sikander meet once more? Will Amyra be stunned to discover that she needs to go facing Kulfi in the challenge?

Clearly, Kulfi has more ability than Amyra so will she represent another pickle for Sikander? Additionally, will Amma Ji find out about the children’s area? Since the maker thinks about their character. Stay tuned to this space for every one of the reports on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

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