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In the latest episode of Star Plus reality show ‘Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’, Kulfi was very happy with Murphy Singh’s family, Kulfi remembered her mother at Murphy Singh’s house. It seems. Kulfi Murphy is happy with Singh’s family, but he also remembers his family. If Murphy Singh tells Kulfi only if you remember your father so much then why do not you go to him. But Kulfi says to Murphy that I will never forgive those people.

Meanwhile, the devil children of Murphy break the play goods of Sikander’s friend. All the people are upset with this, then Kulfi speaks to everyone explaining that the one who leaves the house never comes back, for this Kulfi gives the example of her mother. After listening to this, everyone starts crying and the children then ask for forgiveness from Kulfi. Then Kulfi sings a lovely song. The fake family is overjoyed to hear Kulfi’s song and gives him money as a gift. Kulfi makes all these people quite happy. All the people return Sikander’s money back. Calfy gives that money to those two boys.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Today Written Updates

Murphy Singh says to Kulfi that if you do not forgive today or your father tomorrow, Kulfi Murphy tells Singh that he will never forgive his father. Vikram informs Kulfi that work has been found for him, Vikram tells Murphy that Kulfi has got a chance to sing at Kukki Dhingan’s party, he will not get money but will get a very good chance of getting work. Sikander gets very upset on hearing this.

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