Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Amyra interrupting Sikander whilst he turned into about to wake Kulfi up. She accused him of going to his real daughter. Kulfi woke to see Sikander and Amyra collectively. Amyra demanded for extra time with Sikander to show her that he lived her greater. It broke Kulfi’s heart and she or he sprinted from there. Sikander wanted to comply with her however Amyra held his hand. To her marvel, he broke away and went after Kulfi. He comforted Kulfi in his fingers. Amyra were given aggravated but Sikander stopped her.

He warned both of them to stop combating otherwise he would go away. He told Amyra that he wished to complete her dream however he needed her assist. She agreed. He started rehearsing. Amyra lost rhythm numerous time and got annoyed. She threw water on Kulfi which angered Sikander. Gunjan stated Kulfi might get the prasad first instead of Amyra. lovable interrupted announcing youngsters must no longer be differentiated. Gunjan states Amyra had no rights in this house as she was no longer the real daughter. Amyra enquired about what Gunjan stated.

Mahinder warned them to now not fight infront of the kids. lovely attempted to console Amyra while Mahinder console Kulfi. Amyra desired to realize the meaning of Najayas. She was shattered to study the truth. cute assured her that she changed into nonetheless the daughter of Sikander Singh Gill. At college, Kulfi examine her essay out loud on own family. Amyra asked her to take her father’s name and anybody got shocked to hear the reality.

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