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In star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala sixth February 2019 episode, Kulfi’s life is at chance because of Loveleen’s evil plan.

Amyra is in deep surprise after learning approximately Sikandar’s decision to marry Nimrat via leaving her mother Loveleen. Amyra is so disenchanted with Kulfi that she isn’t even speaking to her and he or she additionally blamed her for taking away all her happiness. Amyra is so affected with the information of Sikandar and Nimrat’s wedding ceremony that she cried out of her heart within the previous episode of the show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. by means of seeing Amyra crying over Sikandar’s decision, Loveleen determined to throw Kulfi out of Sikandar’s life anyhow.

In famous person Plus display Kulfi Kumar Bajewala sixth February 2019 episode, Kulfi’s lifestyles is at risk because of Loveleen’s evil plan. there may be excessive voltage drama occurring inside the big name Plus’ musical drama display, that you can’t leave out. As we all recognize Sikandar is extremely upset because of Loveleen and he is now questioning to get married to Nimrat as he promised to Kulfi. Kulfi may be very satisfied with Sikandar’s decision to tie the knot with Nimrat, but terrible Kulfi is blind to Nimrat’s evil intentions to throw her and Amyra out of Sikandar’s existence as she desires to stay her life with Sikandar handiest.

Whilst Loveleen discovered about Sikandar’s choice to get married to Nimrat, she additionally got taken aback like Amyra. She decides to stop Sikandar from marrying Nimrt however before that, she has to stop their engagement. Loveleen puts her efforts to cancel Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement. To prevent their engagement she makes Kulfi get kidnapped. Sikandar searches for Kulfi within the entire celebration and when he fails to locate Kulfi he gets disturbed. He goes out to look Kulfi by way of stopping his engagement.

Loveleen get succeed in her plan as Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement is on preserve after she makes Kulfi abducted. Loveleen gets satisfied to examine that Sikandar and Nimrat’s engagement has been stopped. For Loveleen, Kulfi is the cause behind her sorrow and separation from Sikandar. what will occur subsequent? Will Sikandar find out Kulfi? live tuned with us for all of the trendy updates of your favourite show Kulfi Kumar Baewala and written updates.

adorable tells Amyra that she can have to face plenty of ache to get again her antique existence. Amyra is of the same opinion.

Kulfi attempts to warn Nimrat to stay far from Sikander through her beautiful music. Nimrat receives irked seeing all this.

Nimrat gets scared on seeing a message on her cellphone. Kulfi begins preserving an eye on Nimrat as is informed by way of Amyra.

Nimrat talks to someone and decides to meet him at a coffee keep. Kulfi overhears this. She tells Amyra about this.

Amyra advises Kulfi to follow Nimrat to the espresso keep to locate proof against her.

Kulfi attire up as her young sardar get up and begins following Nimrat to the espresso save. She reaches the espresso shop.

Kulfi sees Nimrat speaking to a boy at the espresso save. The boy warns Nimrat now not to destroySikander’s circle of relatives.

while Nimrat moves away, Kulfi talks to Satya about Nimrat.

Satyam tells her that he is Nimrat’s ex-boyfriend. He told her approximately Nimrat’s obsession for Sikander.
Kulfi requests Satyam to confess Nimrat’s reality to Sikander. Kulfi gives Sikander’s cope with to Satya. Satya is lovely’s associate.

Satya comes to Sikander’s house and warns him towards Nimrat by means of telling her truth to him. Sikander doesn’t accept as true with him as Nimrat has already manipulated him towardsSatya.

Nimrat corners Kulfi and questions her. Nimrat confesses all her plans in front of Kulfi. Amyra dataall this.

Amyra shows Nimrat the cellphone recording. They send the video to Sikander’s telephone.

To divert all people’s interest, Nimrat hurts herself. before Sikander should see the video, Nimrat deletes the message.

She attempts to threaten Amyra and Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Nimrat shows the engagement rings to Kulfi and Nimrat

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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