Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mia ventures in the middle of and attempts to stop Vikram, sikander requests to kulfi not to trust Vikram, dazzling says Sikander stop it circumstance is getting most noticeably terrible, Jimmy says circumstance currently will get most noticeably terrible and gripes to police and says Vikram now Kulfi will sing in my wedding, exquisite says I’m sorry from his side, I’m embarrassed, sikander says enough beautiful don’t ask to this sick person, Jimmy says I will complete you too,sikander says would what you like to. Sikander says kulfi I can never foul up for you, don’t leave me.

Kulfi recalls stunning murdered her mom, sikander says you believe me right, Kulfi says I used to, presently I don’t have a clue what is truth and what isn’t, Amyra says father I’m here why ask infront of that filthy young lady or else I will, sikander asks what will you, enough of your coerces, I can’t exposed this any longer, accompany me I will tell the entire world that you are my reality, Kulfi says I will tell everybody that it’s a falsehood, sikander says don’t do it, I need you, Kulfi says I needn’t bother with you, Kulfi says Mia ma’am we should go rapidly.

Police captures sikander, Jimmy doesn’t tune in, Lovely beseeches him to reclaim the protest. Sikander assaults media while being taken to police headquarters, Kulfi sees Sikander and gets injured, Mia attempts to reassure her. Vikram celebrates kulfis choice, Vikram says you sang so well, media needs to talk with, Kulfi says is this what I need to do, I promised you to do what you will ask to, yet singing this was doesn’t satisfy me, I would prefer not to sing in such places, Vikram says this is work and we work for cash, not satisfaction, Kulfi says in case I’m disturbed what will I do of the cash, there may be numerous ways for what reason should I take this one, Vikram says this is the best way to be hotshot significantly Sikander has done all this,Vikram leaves.

Kulfi strolls to Mia and says I’m not a trouble maker I would prefer not to irritate him, Mia says I realize that, Kulfi says yet this doesn’t give me joy, Tia embraces Kulfi and says don’t cry, you crying makes me tragic. Mia says both of you proceed to get changed, Mia strolls to Vikram, Vikram says I’m commending sikanders obliteration. What’s more, Mia I’m doing this for you, despite everything I cherish you, and now I have done what I constantly needed to, would we be able to give our relationship one increasingly shot, Mia leaves. Vikram says Mia I realize you are appended to Kulfi now, thus you haven’t joined the video that will wreck Sikander.

Vikram investigates the video and says very much done Vikram Ahuja. Vikram at question and answer session, and says now a major truth about kulfi, and says she has endured so much yet caused it to till here, amyra viewing the news. Amyra says to Sikander father what and for what reason are you viewing kulfis news in kulfis room I’m here, sikander says enough amyra in the event that you can’t carry on don’t converse with me.

Precap: Mia reproves Vikram says if Kulfi couldn’t have any effect in you than you are miserable, Kulfi hears it.


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