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Harsh tells children with out your lead singer you may’t move in advance, amyra begins guffawing, children strat discussing amongst themselves, amyra says she were given fearful of me, Kulfi walks showd amyra her face and puts her masks lower back and says I’m no longer terrified of you, just get fearful at times, amyra says kulfi, Kulfi says I made a group lengthy again with someone however she broke it, I won’t leave this crew of mine, Mia sees the anxiety between them, Kulfi says we aren’t right here to put someone down however win the show, Mia says function me in and says men it’s time for our surprise, and it’s miles simplest target audience shall determine who shall win the knock out so target market win for your preferred star. target market votes, harsh is passed the effects, amyra rankings 9, harsh says so benam organization has scored a nine on 10, its a tie and so both pass to fortunate 10 spherical.

Amyra receives angry, Mia says she is my villain, I see variations among them, with the intention to deliver me massive TRP. Sikander and cute watching for amyra, amyra walks out stressed,questioning what if Kulfi is going to dad, I need to maintain her far from dad, sikander asks Amyra what’s wrong, Kulfi looking them. Mia gets within the target market, starts pronouncing the top 10, sikander glad to hear Amyras call, Kulfi searching at amyra and Sikander remembers how sikander dealt with her, benam group receives decided on. Amyra sees Sikander looking at benam institution, amyra thinks I have to find out did dad get her right here.

Mia proclaims the first spherical can be classical making a song, amyra gets scared, sikander says I’m here don’t be scared, Mia says schooling might be taken in Gurukul preparations had been achieved for children from different towns, and others can come each morning, amyra says my dad is my guru, Mia asks falan to maintain recording Sikander and Amyra as they’re celebrities. Mia says those who’ve instructors no issues, however those who don’t Gurukul shall help you. Kulfi thinks i have usually taken Baba as guru what is going to I do now.

Mohendar in search of kulfi, gets call from Sikander, Mohendar asks about Amyras audition, Sikander says she is in pinnacle 10, Mohendar says congratulate on my behalf, sikander says I felt I must have taken Kulfi with me there, she would really like it, is she satisfactory, Mohendar says she is I’m out will name you later, Mohendar says how lengthy will I mislead him. Kulfi and friends go to song room, Kulfis friend learn she is educated in song, kulfi says sure my baba taught me,all cheer kulfi with jokes, amyra receives irritated searching at them,ladies are proven them their room, Kulfi thinks you had decorated such stunning room for me,but that house or my room isn’t mine anymore, vaishali asks kulfi to cheer up, and have candies kulfi and Vaishali given clothes by Mia, Vaishali is going to alternate, amyra pulls chocolate from kulfis hand,Mia sees them,amyra begins scolding kulfi and why is she right here and what’s her motto, Kulfi says you sang so nicely, amyra says because i’ve my dad, why are you here, Kulfi says I came here with my pals, amyra says liar Kulfi, amyra says i can kick you out of anywhere this room, Gurukul, and opposition, Mia says telecast the combat however no longer her call and face.

Chittu and Bansi fill their pockets with chocolates, Kulfi says forestall doing it it’s all for us, amyra keeping an eye fixed on them, all people is called in corridor, gurus are welcomed, Kulfi sees Sikander and says baba will come here normal to train amyra however now not me, amyra goes and hugs Sikander, Bansi and rocket say it’s the identical uncle who gave us sensible advice come let’s take blessings, Mia introduces kulfi and friends to mahesh Tripathi their guru.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Update: Amyra insults benam institution, Kulfi stands for her pals.


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