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Kulfi tells entire elegance her father is sikander Singh Gill, and says Amyra is my little sister and i really like her, Amyra asks and how is he your dad, like my mother is Lovely his wife, in which is your mother, she didn’t marry my father, so you recognise proper what I’m pronouncing, Kulfi says my mother instructed me she did marry sikander, amyra says there are no proofs, class starts gossiping about kulfi and contact her grimy female.

Mohendar scolds adorable and gunjan, adorable says bhabhi you shouldn’t have done this to amyra, Mohendar says we ought to think about girls destiny, and maintain in thoughts sikander shouldn’t study this. Amyra in raise keeps teasing kulfi, and says go complaint in your baba that I insulated you. Sikander calls amyra and kulfi near and sees kulfi crying and asks why are you crying. Kulfi says I fell down, sikander asks how, sikander appears at amyra and figures out amyra has completed wrong and asks you two fought, sikander hugs Kulfi, and says all may be pleasant and calls amyra near too and says you clean up we’ve launch nowadays go. Amyra thinks I received’t allow kulfi to be sikander Singh’s daughter nor my sister.

Sikander gets call from college informing about the incident, sikander calls amyra and scolds her, Lovely asks what’s wrong, Kulfi and Mohendar follows Lovely, sikander says I notion my youngsters don’t love me best, however she humiliated whole circle of relatives infront of college and tells the incident to Lovely. Sikander says this is what I taught you amyra who instructed you this phrase, Mohendar says loosen up, sikander says I’m attempted explaining her matters, what good she did through insulting her and who taught you all this, amyra says I learnt from you, sikander says Amyra stop crossing all the limits, amyra says what will you do, i will talk to you besides you aren’t my dad, as common speakme kulfis facets.

Lovely tries to calm sikander, sikander says what’s it, i am getting it Lovely it’s my fault but why problem kulfi and that’s not what amyra will be allowed to, and if amyra maintains doing it i’m able to need to favour kulfi, enough of Amyras drama, and kulfi why didn’t you inform me, Kulfi hugs Sikander. Mia is informed about kulfi and Amyras drama, through Sudha Mia’s friend who teaches in college. Tia’s daughter walks to her together with her dad Vikram, Mia says you are past due, vikram says you received the custody so doesn’t mean you continually time me for my daughter and are available let’s have a good time I’m launching new duo, sikanders daughters.

Vikram says how will you Mia, you running for sikander Singh Gill, he destroyed my career, Mia says enough of drama it’s eight years beyond, and that’s your failure, he didn’t snatch mic from you, and my work is mine, and i’m now not your wife to work for your concern, Vikram says you thoroughly recognise I hate him but wait two daughters, he has one daughter, Mia says different one was hiding, Vikram remembers kulfi from school.

Lovely says Amyra dad turned into irritated, amyra says dad has selected and it’s Kulfi, who do you choose, cute says I’m with my own family and allow me inform you did incorrect, amyra says go even you go, anybody leave me and cross, do a element go away me in roads, Lovely says have you misplaced it, do you know how hurtful it’s miles to listen this from you, amyra says this is all of your fault you have got continually lied mom, why you gave me a lot ache, and nonetheless you assert you don’t pick out me, I want my own dad, my very own mom, pick mom. Kulfi sees adorable and Amyra speak.

Kulfi walks to Sikander, amyra walks in Lovely follows, amyra says I’m sorry dad, sikander hugs her and says don’t say all that, amyra says i was shattered to recognise the truth, however I want you and your love,sikander says I’m usually with you, and could by no means assist you to pass faraway from me, amyra gives kulfi bloodless appears, sikander says Amyra like dad daughter relation is special so is siblings relation, like Mohendar bhaiya is continually there for me, Kulfi is your sister be eachothers help, energy, deliver each other risk, please accept kulfi. Amyra says ok, Kulfi very happy. Sikander hugs Kulfi and Amyra.

Sikander says tomorrow my daughters can be released, Kulfi says we will sing together I’m so happy, Amyra says yes we will see that the following day.

Precap: Kulfi and Sikander together, sikander says I’m so excited, it’s a massive day day after today, amyra sees them talk, sikander says kulfi tomorrow I shall tell entire global meet this lady my daughter kulfi.


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