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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 Jul episode begins with Kulfi telling the entire class the name of her dad. Amyra begins examining her regarding her mom and how they are not hitched.

She clarifies the significance of Najayaz word and how Kulfi is an ideal model. Kulfi says her folks got hitched and Amyra requests confirmation.

Amyra’s affront result in the entire class opposing Kulfi.

In the interim, Mahinder educates Lovely and Gunjan to not make such episodes and ruin Sikander’s endeavors of uniting the two young ladies.

Afterward, in the lift, Amyra says to Kulfi in the event that she needs to whine against her, she can proceed.

They enter the home and Sikander gets stressed to see Kulfi crying.

Kulfi lies by telling she fell and got injured. Sikander trusts her and guides them to eat and prepare for the dispatch.

Afterward, Sikander discovers from the teacher about the entire occasion and begins yelling at Amyra.

He enquires about where she figured out how to state such things and Amyra reveals to him he is the one to educate her. He further blows up, yet Amyra leaves by saying he isn’t her dad.

He says he will be Kulfi’s ally if any charge is tossed at her by Amyra. Amyra gets stunned to hear this.

The teacher is renumerated by Mia to give all the data on Kulfi and Amyra. She gets pleased to get familiar with the float between the sisters is developing step by step.

Exquisite attempts to comfort Amyra, yet she isn’t prepared to get anything. She wishes it would have been exceptional on the off chance that she had left with Tevar.

She discloses to her mom to pick one side. Kulfi sees the pressure among Lovely and Amyra.

Amyra comes and apologizes to Sikander. He guarantees her he will be close by dependably. He reveals to her the significance of relations and to acknowledge Kulfi as her sister.

Amyra acknowledges Kulfi as her sister, however something is going on in her mind. Sikander is amped up for the dispatch of his girls.

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Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar episode update: Sikander reveals to Kulfi he will declare that she is his girl at the dispatch, which stuns Amyra.


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