Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulfi slowly walks to ghost with roti, and says I’m right here to share my food, please let’s be pals, Kulfi scared walks slowly and maintains roti in advance of ghost, and walks in the back of, and says why be angry with meals, please have it, and you’re such accurate canine and eliminates chain, and says you’ll love it and look suitable too, please agree, Kulfi receives scared and runs , ghost follows her. Sikander meets supplier however hears police siren and each run away, sikander receives in his car. youngsters shout Kulfi run away, ghost follow her, Kulfi shouts baba assist. Sikander receives dark ruby and says i will find out who did he promote it to earlier than, and says i’ve visible such bottle before. Kulfi opens her eyes and sees ghost sitting infront of her, all are harassed, ghost calms down, Kulfi slowly crawls to ghost and aabout to

Puppy him,he runs away. Rajan says Ama what you wanted didn’t show up, Ama says shutup.
Sikander gets home and starts searching for similar bottle, he recollects keeping it in drawer. Ama walks to kulfi and reminds kulfi of her ideas and says attempt again after someday, this try of your failed, and remember in case you don’t succeed you may fail, Kulfi says ok, Ama leaves. Sikander receives in his room, and compares both the bottles.

Kulfi recalls the incident and asks Rajan, Rajan says what are you doing right here visit your room, Ama will scold you, she asks does ghost recognize my baba, he calmed down as soon as I said Baba and it felt like even ghost is sad, Rajan says all that I don’t realize you go to your room, Kulfi says however I need assist, in any other case all of us received’t be capable of meet their families, Rajan says i will’t help you, Kulfi says i’m able to assist you easy the entirety, you go to sleep but In go back you assist me,Rajan says now move, i can do the cleaning and your solution is with you, visit basement, move now.kulfi leaves confused.

Lovely gets in bedroom opens cabinet and finds darkish ruby and says god it need to have fallen from my bag, thank god no person discovered it,lovely scared. Kulfi stocks the puzzle with Zinda,Zinda says he’s supporting us circuitously, he supposed visit basement, Kulfi says permit’s pass basement, Zinda says however it’s in opposition to rule so we need to be cautious, Kulfi says k allow’s go. Lovely gets in bathroom and empties the poison and crushes the bottle in dustbin and leaves. Zinda and kulfi is going to basement, Kulfi scared seeing a statue,Zinda says it’s statue don’t be scared, both begin looking for clues.

Kulfi reveals a dog collar with Bhola embroidered on it, they open a trunk, here Ama walk in and cover. Lovely sees Sikander and asks why standing here on my own, come permit’s discuss Amyras healthy dietweight-reduction plan, sikander seems at her in anger, Lovely asks are you o.k.. Ama leaves basement with a key. Kulfi unearths a scrapbook, she reads it ,Manohar baba and ghosts photograph with Manohar while ghost become domestic dog. Zinda and kulfi discover, Manohar use to run remand domestic and Bhola and kids pass over him after his death.

Sikander plays a video where Lovely destroys dark ruby bottle. Kulfi says why did Ama turn Bhola to ghost, Kulfi says that is why Bhola calmed hearing baba however how will it assist me chain Bhola. Lovely tries to defend herself and says best I gave her darkish ruby because she become missing you and i desired you be collectively and that i did all this in your full attention however I didn’t recognize this would turn out this terrible and that i’m dying in guilt. Sikander walks to lovable, Lovely says I recognise you’re indignant but say something, sikander closes her mouth.

Precap Upcoming Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode update: Ama says to kulfi 186 go domestic neglect children right here and everyone, pass lower back for your baba whom you omit a lot. Bhola attempts to forestall Kulfi, Kulfi says why is everyone trying to stop me, like you miss your baba I miss too, please allow me pass.


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