Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 12th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Lovely is locked in the cupboard. Lovely closes in Chawl’s wardrobe to take Amaira with her. After Aarti, Lovely will take Amaira with her. At the same time, the people of Chawl are surprised that they are don with Alexander. How does Alexander know Don

It has been seen in the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar that the cupboards similar to Lovely Pooja are closed. At the same time, Alexander comes to collect incense sticks from the cupboard. But Alexander does not come and gives Alexander beetle to Matka, while Lovely tells Matka that I will do nothing, you do not say anything, Matka asks Lovely why you are hidden, Lovely says that there are goons behind me, Let me hide, Matka agrees to Lovely. Lovely asks for water from Matka.

When Kulfi comes from school, she sees Matka giving food and water in the cupboard. At the same time, Kulfi suspects Matka. Kulfi goes to Matka. Kulfi looks into the cupboard to help Matka. At the same time, Kulfi is seen sack. But Matka does not let Kulfi touch the sack. Kulfi is unable to see Lovely. On the other hand, Alexander talks to his boss. Alexander’s Bose talks about his love. Alexander’s Bose tells that your daughter is your true love. At the same time, his Bose says that no decision should be taken with haste but with ease.

All the children of Kulfi and Chawl prepare for the dance but Amaira is not dancing. Lovely in the cupboard is desperate to meet Amaira. Lovely plans the portion with Amaira in the evening. At the same time, Alexander speaks to his Bose and talks about leaving early. At the same time, his Bose says that I also walk in your chawl, while Amaira feels that she has seen her mom-like chudanal.


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