Kumar Vishwas on Shekhar Kapur's Sushant Singh Rajput statement - 'We know him'

Since the suicide of Sushant Singh, the issue of pressure and pressure has been hot in the Bollywood and cinema industry. Many have questioned the industry’s one-sided and stand-alone attitude. In such a situation, Shekhar Kapoor also tweeted after Sushant’s departure. He wrote that what happened to you Sushant is not yours, but the result of the deeds of those people. Poet and presenter Kumar Vishwas has also tweeted on this tweet. He has written that this is why it is called Mana Nagari.

Sharing the tweet of Shekhar Kapur, Kumar Vishwas wrote, ‘We know him, he was, is and always will be. This is known as the city. In addition, he shared a poem in his poet Adanj. Kumar further wrote – Khel Aashna Ke, Coins and Lusts in Inam, … You play, you are not played with me, … Mumbai I love you but I do not bear these problems with you. ‘

Shekhar Kapur has told in his tweet that he knows what pain Sushant was going through. He wrote in his tweet- ‘I know what pain you are going through. I know the story of those people who disappointed you so badly that you used to cry on my shoulder. I wish I could be around you in the last 6 months, I wish you could talk to me. What happened to you is not yours, but the result of their deeds.

According to media reports, Shekhar Kapoor cast Sushant Singh Rajput in his film Pani. The film later faced difficulties and the project got stuck. Manoj Bajpayee and Shekhar Kapoor also have an Instagram live chat over Sushant.


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