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Rhea says she will kick her from school, however Delhi. Her companion says she will. Rhea advises that she needs to take a quick trip and see father, the previous evening he was disturbed, so I need to persuade him. Her companion requests that what do here. Rhea requests that her think how to inconvenience Prachi more. She converses with Aaliya and tells that she will persuade father. Abhi converses with Purab and asks where is that man? Purab says he will come. Man comes. Abhi discloses to Aaliya that he is from Security office and came to take the recording of our CCTV camera. Aaliya and Rhea get stunned. Abhi requests that he bring the CD and says I need to see who kept the neckband in Prachi’s tote. He inquires as to whether he called

Police. Purab says yes. Rhea alarms. Abhi gets some information about his name. He says he is Mahesh. Abhi inquires as to whether he is straightforward and in the event that he ever take. Mahesh says no. Abhi says I need to realize the individual doing everything, that how it feels when somebody is accused for reasons unknown. Rhea reveals to Aaliya that she will tell Dad. Aaliya requests that her quiet down. Rhea says everybody will know. Rhea’s companions are spreading bits of gossip and have glued Prachi’s pics with chor composed on it. They concoct counterfeit stories against Prachi. Prachi and Shahana come to school. They see the publications. Shahana says I will scratch his face. Prachi asks Shahana to take the blurbs out. Rhea’s companions state what is the utilization, everybody realize who is the criminal.

Prachi and Shahana take the notices out. Rhea’s companions asks them what a speed and requests that they go all over the place and get the publications. Shahana asks Prachi to come and says we will tear all notices. They all chuckle. Purab discloses to Abhi that he needs to go to office as Vikram is getting frantic. Abhi inquires as to whether he will know in 60 minutes. Mahesh says you need all recording and tells that it will be finished before sun-down. Mahesh goes to get chip. Aaliya asks Rhea not to look frightened. Rhea says I am guilty party. Aaliya says you are not offender until you are demonstrated blameworthy. Rhea says I don’t have the foggiest idea why father is so edgy. Aaliya says I neglect to comprehend why bhai is defensive about her. Rhea says for what reason did she originate from hoshiarpur to my school. She says my father never chided me, and says on the off chance that he comes to realize that I have kept jewelry in her pocket at that point will he get me captured. Rhea says I did what you requested that I do.

Aaliya requests that her unwind and quiet down. She says I will take a brief trip and see Mahesh, before he sees you. Rhea’s companion hears them and asks would you say you are the genuine chor? Rhea requests that her shut up and come to school. Aaliya supposes she ought to have pondered this previously, and thinks to defer Mahesh’s work. She comes to Mahesh and requests that he go to kitchen and see the CCTV there. She gets some information about the chip in his grasp. He tells that it is film chip. Aaliya deceives him and trades the chip. She supposes she will tell Rhea and shroud this chip. Mahesh returns and advises that it is difficult to trick a professional, and tells that his chip is littler than hers. He says you made my work simple and told who is the criminal. Aaliya requests that he help her and compromises him. Mahesh says you are in peril now.

Dadi discloses to Tai ji that she is going to sanctuary for puja. She tells that she will take Abhi with her. Tai ji inquires as to whether Abhi will come? Mitali comes and says driver came. Dadi says Abhi will take her. Abhi says he has some essential work. Dadi candidly coerces him. Abhi says I will accompany you. Dadi embraces him. Abhi helps Dadi get up. Mitali asks Tai ji for what good reason did Dadi wink her eyes. Tai ji says beeji is fine and acted so that Abhi accompanies her. She tells that today is eleventh Purnima and beeji appeals to God for Abhi and Pragya’s association. She says God hears seniority individuals and children petitions. Mitali considers if Abhi and Pragya meet today.

Rhea and her companion achieve school. Rough and Shaina inquires as to why she arrived behind schedule, and says you ought to have seen their countenances. Rhea says they torn the blurbs and says I preferred it. Rough advises that they went to clean the grounds, and says you have delivered retribution from her. Rhea says it began a little while ago, and says she won’t stop until she shows her out. Rough asks where she brought her malevolent thoughts. Rhea says she is brought into the world with it. Prachi and Shahana hears them.

Shahana discloses to Prachi that she will chide Rhea and says she won’t stop until we cut her nose. She says I will slap her hard. Prachi stops her. Shahana says this is your concern and inquires as to whether she is seeing goodness in her evilness, and says Rohit got back home in Hoshiarpur as you was quiet. Prachi says I am not halting you, however approaching you to sit tight for the ideal time. She says I will answer her, yet my way. She says I don’t need retribution, however need to show her a thing or two, with the goal that she got raise her hand infront of her. She guarantees Shahana that she will show her a thing or two preceding school closes.

Precap: Dadi reveals to Abhi that she appeals to God on each Purnima that he brings Pragya back in their lives. Abhi looks on. Later when he is occupied available to come back to work, when Pragya comes and ascensions on the stairs.

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Kumkum Bhagya 10 April 2019
Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2019
Kumkum Bhagya 10 April
Kumkum Bhagya 10th April


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