Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Tanu’s house. Tanu says I genuinely don’t realize wherein is Kiara, says you don’t love me, however i really like you and…Abhi breaks the matters to make her scared. Tanu says you could’t scare me and doing wrong through this. She says I virtually don’t recognise wherein is Nikhil? Abhi says I shall trust you that you didn’t know about Nikhil and says if you simply don’t know you then will be in prison, I got here to recognize that you had been in touch with Nikhil and called him before Kiara’s kidnapping. He says i will get you arrested right now for Kiara’s kidnapping, i have the proofs. He says you may’t cross even out of doors. Tanu asks him now not to name Police and tells that Nikhil would possibly stored her at some place. Abhi says you knew about Kiara and you concealed from me. He says he don’t have the time and leaves.

King brings the cash and inform Pragya that he’s going to come together with her, but will stand far. Pragya says she can name Disha so that she will be able to cope with youngsters. King comes to the twins and says hi. He says you are Kiara’s sisters and i am her Dada. He asks them to take into account their Dada’s call and says King Singh. Nikhil calls King. King says Pragya and that i are coming to satisfy you, and says after Pragya gives you cash, i can give you more money and you may handed Kiara to me. He books tickets for Kiara and him. He thinks as soon as Kiara reaches me to London, Pragya have to come in the back of us. someone hears him.

Abhi is at the way and thinks he will bring Kiara and feels Pragya ‘s pain. He calls Ashish and asks him to reach the area as told by Tanu. He reaches the factory and sees goons standing. He hides from them and thinks to locate Kiara hiding. Pragya and King are at the way. She thinks Abhi isn’t always information and thinks we will get Kiara while we provide money to kidnappers. She thinks as soon as kidnapper receives the money then the whole lot may be glad. King thinks you requested him to present the cash, however he didn’t deliver. He says i will take Kiara to London after which i’m able to name you after which we will live as family. He regrets for bringing her to Delhi. Pragya thanks him and says I don’t recognise how will I decrease your favors. King says i can inform you later. They reach the abductors’ area. King tells Pragya that he will come with her. Pragya says they called me once more. King offers her cash bag and says they’re dangerous people, simply name me and i can come running. Abhi thinks wherein is Nikhil and Kiara, and thinks why are the guards here, if they are not here. He comes to the area wherein Kiara changed into kept captive and had written silly, terrible uncles on the chair. He sees the message and finds Kiara’s chain. A fb is proven, Abhi asks Dadi if kesar is essential in milk and says she dislikes its smell.

Dadi says daughter could be born if mum dislikes its odor. Kiara says i’m able to deliver this chain to my little sister, which Bua gave me. She says mamma is cheating with me. Abhi says we will educate her a lesson. Goon sees Abhi and asks who’re you? Abhi hits him and asks in which is Kiara? Goon tells that Nikhil took Kiara with him to the haveli near ghat. Pragya reaches haveli and calls Kiara. She hears her recorded voice. Nikhil comes infront of her with masks on his face. Pragya asks wherein is my daughter? Nikhil blames abhi for ruining his life and asks her to provide cash. Pragya asks him to offer Kiara to her and pulls his mask. She sees Nikhil’s face and gets taken aback. Nikhil asks her to leave the bag. Pragya says she is a touch woman and asks her to depart bag. Nikhil hits something on her head and takes bag from her. Pragya sits down with injury on her head. Nikhil comes out and takes extra money from King. King asks where is Kiara? Nikhil says he made her subconscious so that she don’t see their deal. King says what he’s doing? Nikhil tells that he can’t take danger now. King says you may bring Kiara to airport today. Nikhil says i am leaving in your vehicle. King refuses to let him move.

Pragya reaches there and sees King with Nikhil. King acts and catches Nikhil. Pragya asks King now not to leave Nikhil and says he has kidnapped Kiara and don’t understand where is she? King asks him to convey Kiara to airport and says you may get extra money. Kiara profits cognizance and shouts Mamma. Nikhil hits Kiara and runs in the car in which Kiara is sitting. King shouts Pragya’s call so that Nikhil can leave. Pragya asks if he is pleasant. Kiara hits on the automobile and calls Pragya. Pragya and King run at the back of the automobile. King says we can’t cross at the back of him and guarantees to get her.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi to go away the gun. Abhi asks her to deport him. Nikhil slips protecting Kiara and falls down from the cliff into the water. Pragya faints. Abhi shouts Kiara. King appears on.


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