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The Episode begins with Pragya requesting that Maya accompany them quietly. Shahana solicits her not to think from eloping and reprimands her for acquiring unrest Ranbir’s life. Maya says first time, she needed to send him to imprison, however this time she was broken when he went to prison. Shahana says she is lying. Sarita behen says she was sobbing for Ranbir when I made him oblivious. Maya requests that they let her go, else bade dad won’t leave them. Pragya says your bade dad isn’t ground-breaking than the law. She requests that her go to Ranbir’s home. Bade Papa is in Maya’s home and calls her. Maya’s mom says she should be occupied. Bade Papa says I attempted to trap somebody with Maya’s homicide case and the individual met with a mishap who was helping me. Her mom is stunned and says Maya is alive, you had quite recently conversed with her. Bade father says Maya got spared as a result of him, else she would have kicked the bucket. He says he needed to trap Ranbir. Maya’s mom requests that he spare Ranbir by one way or another. Bade Papa says in the event that I spare Ranbir, at that point my expectations will be uncovered and my sibling’s political decision ticket will be dropped. Mrs. Chaubey gets stressed.

Ranbir censures himself for Abh’s capture and says he got captured to spare me. He accuses himself. Meera says Mr. Mehra did what he thought wrong. Ranbir says he diverted them, however I won’t be tranquil and will give up myself. Pallavi takes him to room and requests that he cover up here. She says I realize you are passionate, yet you are solid and can deal with this issue. She asks him not to do anything incorrectly, says all the issues train us something and made us face it. Ranbir says mother… Pallavi says I know my childhood, when you used to cry in youth, Dida used to state that insect is dead and you used to cry all the more realizing subterranean insect is dead a result of you. She says when you can’t murder a subterranean insect at that point how might you execute a young lady. Ranbir says Maya is killed, and I have the rationale to slaughter her. Pallavi says you can’t murder her and I will secure you. She requests that he keep himself spare and says there is no reason to worry with him and his boss. Entryway chime rings once more. Pallavi requests that he stow away.

Beeji gets stressed and says Police returned once more. Aryan says when they couldn’t discover Ranbir in office then they have come here. Pallavi is going to open the entryway, yet Beeji stops her. Pallavi says we will open the entryway. She opens the entryway and discovers Maya with Prachi, Pragya, Sarita behen and Shahana. She says Maya… what is this? Everybody gets stunned seeing Maya. Beeji says she was dead. Pragya says she is alive and standing infront of you. Pallavi asks how? Pragya says she was not killed. Pallavi says for what reason did Police attempt to capture Ranbir? Pragya says Police saw her phony dead body and she was avoiding the Police. Aryan gets irritated. Beeji says she needs to slap her. Pragya stops her. Beeji says she has grieved us a great deal. Sarita behen says they have gotten her with much trouble.

Shahana says they needed to take her to Police station, however then idea she will be liberated utilizing her association, that is the reason brought her here. Beeji says Maya’s family will be destroyed at this point. Vikram says we will see her, when Maya is alive at that point Police needs to leave my child. Prachi gets some information about Mehra Sir. Vikram and Aryan enlighten him regarding Abhi getting himself captured to spare Ranbir. Maya says she can’t see Ranbir in a difficult situation and goes inside calling him. Pragya says Mr. Mehra fouled up by making Ranbir escape from Police’s bondage. Beeji requests that her admonish him when she meets him. Maya goes to Ranbir’s room and calls him. Ranbir comes out of pantry and gets stunned seeing him. She says she was powerless. Ranbir asks I’m not catching your meaning? Prachi comes there and requests that her come out. Maya asks her not to meddle among them and tells that she did this so that Prachi gets captured, she says Prachi caused her to feel awful. Ranbir requests that her shut up and says Prachi didn’t cause you to feel awful, however made you see reality. He says Prachi is obviously better than her or some other young lady. He says he don’t care for Maya. He says what makes a difference to him is humankind, and Prachi is acceptable on the most fundamental level, and the only thing that is in any way important to him. Maya requests that he state what is his connection with Prachi. Prachi sees him hearing this.

Tune plays… ..Ranbir says you can’t comprehend our connection, we feel our connection and it is unique. He says she spared me previously and even at this point. She brought you here from your grave to spare you. He goes to Prachi and says you didn’t have a clue about your characteristics and don’t have a clue the amount you thinks about me. Prachi says Maa, Shahana and Sarita behen have likewise come. Ranbir goes to meet them. Maya inquires as to whether she is glad at this point? Vikram tells that the legal advisor’s partner told that they will go together. Shahana addresses Aryan about the solid relations. Aryan says I didn’t realize that you talk such. Shahana says the two love flying creatures will get all the more close at this point. Aryan asks who? Shahana says Ranbir and Prachi. Aryan says he is upbeat. Shahana says you are not more upbeat than me. Ranbir comes to Pragya and expresses gratitude toward him. Pragya says I was stressed for my girl and even Sarita behen, she has gotten Maya with much trouble. Simply then Mrs. Chaubey’s call goes ahead Maya’s telephone. Pragya educates everybody about the call. Mrs. Chaubey accuses bade Papa for Maya’s condition. Bade Papa says I was simply helping her. Mrs. Chaubey says it was of no utilization. Maya asks Prachi to answer her and tells that she can’t see contempt in Ranbir’s eyes. Prachi says you made him despise him by your acting. Maya says I acted to be dead with the goal that you go to prison and he returns to me. Prachi looks on.

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