Kumkum Bhagya 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with King and Pragya are inside the car. King says i can now not go away him and asks from where Nikhil got here? Pragya says because of Tanu. King says which means due to Abhi. Pragya receives manipulated through him. Kiara calls Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil’s automobile receives stopped close to the lake. Nikhil thinks one facet is Police and different side is Abhi. Abhi reaches there. Nikhil thinks to move near bridge and thinks nobody can catch me there. He gets down from his vehicle and takes Kiara with him. Abhi and Police reach there. Nikhil lifts Kiara and begin jogging and hiking the mountain. Kiara shouts daddy. Abhi asks Nikhil to go away Kiara and says there’s a lake there. Nikhil keeps knife on Kiara’s neck. Abhi asks him to transport the knife from her neck. Pragya and King additionally reach there. pragya tells King that

Police is climbing the cliff, we shall cross there, Kiara should be there. Abhi asks Nikhil to let her cross and says your enmity is with me. Nikhil says actual guys don’t communicate and says now it is action time. Kiara says she is getting afraid. Abhi says you are a courageous girl. He reminisces his moments with Kiara. Kiara also reminisces moments with him. Police reaches there. Nikhil says you desired to lure me by Police.

Abhi says I didn’t wreck you, and will provide you with money and the whole thing. Nikhil says i will damage you. Abhi pleads infront of him and asks him to depart his daughter. Nikhil acts like him and says if drama is going on here. Abhi says i’m able to give you home, workplace and the whole thing. Nikhil says you have snatched my existence, my Tanu and says you have got snatched her from me, she don’t love me. He says i will get money, but i will’t get her love. King and Pragya attain there. Pragya shouts seeing Kiara. Ashish and other Police reach there. Nikhil says you’re rich, but don’t want to give any cash on your daughter. Pragya apologizes to him and asks him to depart Kiara. Nikhil threatens to throw Kiara in water. Inspector threatens to shoot Nikhil. Nikhil says you don’t have electricity.

Abhi takes gun from Inspector surprising Pragya. Abhi says i’ve an awful lot power and will shoot her. Ashish asks Abhi to offer the gun and says i will deal with the scenario. Pragya asks Abhi to leave the gun and tries to grab it. Nikhil loses balance and falls from the cliff within the valley with Kiara. Pragya and Abhi shout Kiara. Kiara shouts Daddy. Pragya faints. Abhi shouts standing there. Aaliya, Disha and Purab attain there. Divers come and tell that they were given Kiara’s shoes. Disha says this is Kiara’s shoe. Aaliya cries holding her shoe. Abhi takes the shoe and cries. Purab asks Aaliya to take Pragya from there. Aaliya and Disha take Pragya from there inside the automobile. Aaliya asks physician to test her. health practitioner assessments Pragya in the car and says she is satisfactory, but she wishes rest. Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya is pleasant, however physician said that she wishes relaxation so she is taking her domestic. Disha tells Abhi that she needs to inform him something vital.

Pragya profits consciousness inside the house and shouts Kiara. Dasi and Dadi ask her to deal with herself and say it is God’s want. Pragya says God gave me Kiara, but my husband snatched her. Abhi talks to someone on telephone and says he desires simply his daughter. Aaliya and Taya ji try to pacify Abhi. He appears at her chain and recalls her telling that she will supply her chain to her little sister. Pragya involves corridor. Abhi hugs her and cries. He says our daughter left us. Pragya says you’re chargeable for this. King comes there. Abhi asks what are you saying. Pragya says I lost my daughter, she become simply your ego for yourself. Abhi says I tried to keep her, and asks her no longer to tell his love as ego. Pragya says all of us saw and says you don’t want Kiara, however your ego. She says you think about your self. She says Nikhil threatened to kill Kiara, then also you have been transferring to the front. She says you desired to meet your ego and holds him responsible for her death. Abhi says she changed into my daughter.

Pragya says I gave her beginning and says you don’t realize the pain of losing a daughter. She regrets to return to India and returning to his residence. She says I must have agreed to destiny and knew that you are not an awesome father. She says i thought you, but destiny don’t need her to stay with you as you aren’t an awesome father. Abhi says Kiara isn’t with us, due to you. He says I accept that my selection no longer to offer money became incorrect, however you’re accountable. Pragya is angry. Abhi says you made Kiara far from me, now not via you, but by using you. He holds her responsible again. King, Aaliya, Disha and others look shocked.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode update: Abhi tells King that he came to realize that you are greater reasonably-priced than Nikhil and took revenge from us. Pragya asks King if he betrayed Kiara. King consents. Pragya slaps him.


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