Kumkum Bhagya 14th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Disclosure of Pyaar Ka Pyaar – Hrithik will give a shock to the east slowly, the show is about to come. In today’s episode of tremendous twist Kumkum Bhagya, Hrithik will talk about proposing Disha and propose her on a cruise. Will make a plan after which you can get a twist in the story.

TV serial Kumkum Bhagya is getting a lot of viewership due to its turn and twist. Tonight’s episode of Kumkum will show that Abhi and Poorva will be sitting and talking about Disha, Poorva speaks to Abhi that he wants to tell everything to Disha and Alia. East tells Abhi that he knows that everything is messed up now, but he wants to make things right. On the other hand, you will see that while the distance between Abhi and Pragya has increased, on the one hand, the distance between Disha and east will also be seen in the show.

Today’s episode will show that Hrithik will talk about proposing Disha and plans to propose him on a cruise, after which you may get to see another twist in the story, while talking about Priyanka, she will be completely Has become dangerous because the sage rejected him. Priyanka is now determined to teach Rishi a lesson. Now we have to see if Pragya can save Abhi or not.

In front of Abhi-Pragya, in the trouble show named Priyanka, while Abhi and Pragya are moving away from each other, in the love story of Poorva and Disha, there are also many archanas. Abhi Pragya’s life is facing many problems one after the other. Now another big problem is standing on both their heads. Trouble named Priyanka.

Abhi gave support to Pragya – said she is not false. Abhi Pragya is often shown fighting and quarreling. But when it comes to trust, both also show confidence in each other. The same happened in the case of Priyanka and Rishi. Pragya knows that Priyanka is lying. In such a situation, Pragya supports the sage while supporting the truth. So at the same time Abhi does not mind but later Abhi’s light burns and he decides to support Pragya.

The show will feature a strong Love Triangle twist in the show Kumkum Bhagya where Abhi Pragya’s connection to the mind is sometimes linked to faith. Here both the daughters Prachi and Riya are going mad in Ranvir’s love. Now in the coming days, there will be a strong love triangle twist between these three.

So many turns came together in the show. Apart from Ranveer, Riya and Prachi, there is a lovetrack scene going on between East Disha and Hrithik. So soon a third person will knock in Pragya and Abhi’s life too. More new twists and turns are coming to the story.

Then confused Abhi-Pragya, Pragya and Abhi want each other but now due to society and daughters are not coming close to each other. Abhi and Pragya are very happy to see each other in front. But once again the two are caught up in the story of Prinnyka and Rishi.

Will Disha propose to Hrithik, the east is worried here that Disha knows nothing about him and Alia. On the other hand, Hrithik has proposed the Disha. Hrithik likes Disha and wants to get married. In such a situation, he tells his Disha of excitement. Disha is not understandable at first but later he realizes what Hrithik is saying. Meanwhile, Hrithik proposes to her. Now after this, what Disha will Hrithik’s proposal accept? It is quite interesting to know this.

The color of the east’s face flew away. Hrithik will give a loud blow to the east, the East had no idea that this would happen to him and his love got for years, ie the Disha would be different from him. There is no information about whether the Disha will accept the east’s proposal. But the color of the face of the east has definitely blown.

Alia wants to come closer to the east, not the Disha. However, Disha also loves the east. But due to Aaliya, she is running away from the east. She doesn’t want anyone to be bullied again and Aaliya insults her. At the same time, the East wants to come closer to the Disha once again.

Will Disha accept Hrithik’s proposal, tonight’s episode will show that Hrithik talks about proposing Disha. He also plans for this. Plans to propose Disha on a cruise. But it will be interesting to see if the Disha accepts Hrithik’s proposal or else.


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