Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rhea reviewing Prachi slapping her. Her companion tells that the slap mark is all over. Rhea applies make up on the red imprint on her cheeks and reviews different understudies telling that it was great that Prachi slapped her, and telling that Rhea’s dad would have slapped her long back and calls her spoilt young lady. Shaina and other young lady request that her apply concealer and furthermore request that her shroud her outrage. Rhea says she will make her life living damnation and tells that she will pay for her slap. I will slap on her life and not on her cheeks, which she will recall dependably. Shaina and other companion get stressed reasoning Rhea will accomplish something significant. They wish Prachi must not have come. Pallavi endeavors to converse with Meera. Meera asks Servant not to offer sugar to Dadi regardless of whether she inquires. She asks Pallavi what she was stating? Pallavi values her for dealing with everybody in the house and says you are a relative at this point. Aaliya comes and welcomes them. Rhea returns home and embraces Meera and Pallavi. Pallavi asks the end result for her face. Meera says might be because of sun consume. Mahesh sends a man from the security organization. Meera attempts to take the CD. Purab comes and takes the CD from Jatin. Abhi comes and tells that Mahesh called and said that he needs to watch the CD together with the goal that everybody comes to realize that Prachi is honest.

Prachi and Shahana get back home. Pragya requests that they have sustenance. They proceed to wash their hands. Pragya asks sweety to eat nourishment with them. Chacha and Chachi return home. Chachi asks Prachi what she is escaping them. Prachi asks what? Chacha requests that her discussion later. Chachi chides Prachi for taking the accessory in the gathering and tells that she has cut her nose, and says you didn’t consider my regard. She tells that her companion’s child saw you both there as a server. Pragya says it is a misconception and tells that Prachi didn’t take there, and she went to go to the gathering and turned out poorly as server. Chachi asks who had welcomed them to the huge local gathering. Pragya asks Prachi to come clean and says you went there for supper. Prachi says Chachi is correct, we went there as a server.

Purav plays the CD. Everybody see Prachi dealing with Dadi and tells that such young lady can’t take jewelry. She at that point sees Ranbir and tells that he will move now. Aaliya thinks Prachi acts like Pragya and says on the off chance that she was Pragya’s mom, at that point I would state like mother like girl. Rhea comes behind Prachi in the CD. Rhea shuts her eyes and says its me. Simply then CD stops because of specialized issue. Abhi says Prachi is blameless. Aaliya thinks her inner self isn’t huge to hit hammer on her foot. Abhi asks Purab to ask Mahesh to check the CD.

Purab calls Mahesh and tells that the CD isn’t working. Pallavi gets a call and she reveals to Meera that she is returning home for 2 mins and requests that her consider her when the CD begins working. Rhea supposes she made the CD degenerate and hacked a ton and marking Aaliya. Aaliya takes the CD and goes to get water. She at that point makes scratches on the CD with something and takes water for Rhea. Fb closes. Rhea grins embracing Meera. She inquires as to whether Dad gets other CD. Aaliya says everything is leveled out, everything is deleted.

Chachi reveals to Prachi that she can take neckband as she misled her mom. She inquires as to for what reason did you go there to work. Shahana tells that they required cash, as you approached us to pay you cash for our remain. Chachi says she requested that they share their costs as they have less cash. She inquires as to whether she showed her little girl to take. Pragya tells that she didn’t take and requests that her trust her, and says in the event that you call her criminal, at that point what others will think. Chachi inquires as to whether she is undermining her and grumbles to Chacha. Pragya says on the off chance that she had stolen, at that point her daddy wouldn’t have liberated her. Chachi asks your better half? Pragya says that young lady’s daddy whose neckband was stolen. Chachi says Prachi may have stolen. Pragya says she is my little girl and knows to do hardwork and tells that she didn’t let me know so that Beeji don’t come to think about it. She educates that Prachi tells beneficial things regarding you and you are questioning on her. Chachi doesn’t trust her. Pragya says you will be embarrassed for not confiding in her. Chachi gets irate and requests that they go out.

Precap: Prachi discloses to Abhi that Rhea is the person who had stolen the jewelry in her very own home. She is the guilty party. Abhi slaps Rhea.


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