Kumkum Bhagya 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Chacha meddling and asking Chachi to end the issue. Chachi says your relatives are mortifying me and requests that they leave now itself. Pragya reveals to Chacha that they will leave in the first part of the day. Chachi asks Prachi to apologize to her now itself else she won’t let them remain here. Prachi thinks Maa isn’t having cash to assume us to other position and approaches to apologize. Pragya reveals to her that she won’t let Prachi apologize and twist down infront of her. Chachi requests that they leave. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana leave from that point.

Pragya, Shahana and Pragya are strolling in the city. Shahana says lets sit for at some point. Prachi cries and reveals to Pragya that they will return to Hosiarpur and tells that she is battling since she came here, and tells that this city is very awful, first it mortified me and afterward influenced me to sit in the city. She advises that she would prefer not to lose her dignity and advises that she needs to return home. Shahana says we don’t have anything here for us and tells that they can’t remain here any longer. She embraces Pragya and cries. Prachi says sorry to learn and lets you know need to come here, needed to come to police headquarters for me, and needed to hold up under affront by Chachi. She cries and says she would prefer not to remain here. Pragya says Prachi… Prachi says you may have furious in the wake of seeing this city. Pragya says I was imagining that we will return and says we will go, however what we will tell others in Hosiarpur. She says your school individuals will believe that you are a cheat and tells that she can’t flee from quite a while ago. She requests that her battle with others to demonstrate her guiltlessness. She says until you acknowledge rout, it’s not possible for anyone to overcome you. She says on the off chance that you leave this city, at that point you are leaving your fantasies and yourself. She says no one can grab your rights from you. Prachi asks where we will live here?

Pragya says there is an answer for it, and tells about the line diversion. She requests that her make her so enormous that others look little. She tells that you won’t leave this city until you win. She tells that she will get her funds exchanged here and advises that they have to character the correct way. Pragya says where will we get a spot at less expense. A woman advises that God conveyed you to your goal. Shahana says by what means will we remain in a shop. Woman presents herself as Sarita behen and says she has house for them. She gives her meeting card and asks Shahana to retain the location and return the card. She takes the card and requests that they come toward the beginning of the day. Shahana says where will we go in night. Pragya tells that they will purchase stage ticket and stay there.

Rhea gets a fantasy in which Prachi discloses to Abhi that Rhea has stolen neckband in her very own home. Abhi slaps her. Prachi and Shahaha snicker noisily. Rhea awakens and yells. Abhi and Meera go to her room. Rhea tells that she has seen an awful dream. Meera says your fantasy won’t be satisfied. Abhi inquires as to for what reason did she get terrified being his little girl.

Meera is in the kitchen. Abhi comes there and requests Rhea’s introduction to the world authentication. Meera says she will give in the wake of making lep for Dadi. Abhi says Dadi was acting to have leg torment. Meera tells that she is unwell and tells that she didn’t rest whole night as you said that you didn’t see Pragya. She says you used to mislead Rhea in her adolescence, and inquires as to for what reason doesn’t you treat her like her. She requests that he reveal to Dadi that he has seen Pragya, to satisfy her. Abhi says alright, I will persuade her.

Toward the beginning of the day, Pragya, Prachi and Shahana come to Sarita behen’s home. Shahana says it is messy and requests that her demonstrate the spot which she is giving for lease. Sarita behen says this is a similar spot. Pragya says it is great. Sarita behen says she remains alone here so giving house on lease. Pragya asks what number of rooms are here? Sarita behen says she has a few tenets and guidelines and tells that there will be no commotion or companions will not come here, no late night, and so on. She requests that they give lease on each third of the month. She inquires as to whether she doesn’t care for the house at that point proceed to look red fortification. Prachi says her face is such. Pragya says this is red fortress for us. Sarita behen says are you ridiculing the house. Prachi says no. Sarita behen requests that they get the house clean and go to her room. Prachi asks Shahana for what reason she was making faces. Shahana detests the house. Prachi says we don’t have to give store here. Pragya says once we clean the house, it will look great. Shahana says I won’t care for it. Prachi asks Shahana to seek red fortress in delhi and acts like Sarita behen. Pragya says her face is such and kisses on her cheeks. Shahana grins. Pragya embraces Shahana.

Precap: Abhi inquires as to whether she would prefer not to get fine to bring Pragya back. Dadi is shocked. Pragya is crossing the street, and Prachi is on the opposite side. A vehicle comes and hits Pragya. Prachi yells Maa…


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