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The Episode begins with Prachi and Rhea are battling in the emergency clinic. Prachi asks her not to take her mum’s name else her dad will atone to be her dad. A journalist is there conversing with somebody and says two sisters are battling here. Rhea says she isn’t my sister, I am the main little girl of Abhishek Prem Mehra. Reviewer comes there and requests that constables cuff Rhea. Rhea says you don’t have the foggiest idea about whose girl I am? The person helping Prachi tells that Rhea is extremely self-important. Rhea asks Lady constable not to contact her. Woman constable cuffs and takes her. Correspondent says it is a major news. Prachi comes to Pragya and asks how is she feeling now. Pragya says she is fine. Prachi cries and says this has happened as a result of me, and tells that the young lady Rhea who blamed her for burglary, endeavored to hit her with vehicle, yet you got hit by her vehicle. Pragya hears and gets oblivious. Prachi considers Nurse and tells that her mum blacked out. Medical attendant says she is in profound rest after the task and requests that her call her Papa. Prachi says he don’t remain with us. She tells that she won’t leave Rhea. She gets the call from the person Manpreet, who requests that her come to Police station, and tells that he has recorded FIR against Rhea, and her marks are required on FIR. Prachi says I can’t go as maa is as yet oblivious. Medical attendant requests that her go and tells that she will be with Pragya. Prachi asks Pragya to be courageous young lady.

Rhea is taken to Police station. Columnist inquires as to why she hit the lady/Pragya. Rhea says it is individuals’ oversight to stroll out and about and talks haughtily with the journalist. She says she needs to make a vital call. Controller says simply after she is taken inside the lock up. Meera switches on the TV and hears updates on Rhea’s capture. She gets stunned and calls Abhi. She advises Abhi and requests that he accomplish something. Abhi switches on TV and watches the news. Dadi inquires as to why Rhea is captured and asks meera to offer call to her. She reveals to Abhi that she needs to accompany him. Abhi asks Dadi to be at home, and guarantees to get Rhea back. Meera asks Dadi not to take strain and says Abhi will bring her back.

Abhi sits in his vehicle and thinks my girl was in issue, and I was recollecting Pragya. Rhea requests that the Inspector let her go and says you need cash. The observer asks Inspector for what valid reason are they pausing and keep her in the lock up. Rhea calls him homeless person and requests that Inspector and others tell how a lot of cash they need. Monitor says on the off chance that you express a word, at that point I won’t abandon you. Rhea says my father is near chief and you will lose your employment once my father calls him. Prachi comes there. Onlooker Manpreet tells that she is an unfortunate casualty’s girl. Rhea says what are you doing here? Prachi says you will be in the lock up. She tells that she did this intentionally. Rhea says indeed, I did it purposely and next time I will kill her. Investigator requests that her compose FIR and compose endeavor to kill. Prachi and Rhea, both are stunned. Prachi says endeavor to kill. Assessor says yes as she endeavored to hit intentionally. Abhi is en route. Meera calls him, however he didn’t pick her call. Meera calls him again and gets stressed for Rhea. Abhi is driving the vehicle and hits another vehicle. The man solicits him to get out from vehicle and chides him. Abhi advises that he needs to go as he was in earnestness. Man tells that he endured misfortune and says you did mishap purposely. Abhi says even you was driving quick and was on versatile. Man says it was your oversight. Abhi gives his meeting card and tells that he will pay the cash for the misfortune. Man says even I am rich and needn’t bother with cash, I had purchased this vehicle with downpayment.

Constable discloses to Inspector that he has composed everything. Examiner requests that he read. Constable peruses Prachi’s announcement. Manpreet requests that he notice the vehicle number and furthermore notice that the vehicle was driving by Rhea. Prachi gets call of a medical caretaker and says she will come there soon. Prachi comes and sits next to Rhea. She says I would prefer not to record endeavor to kill case on you. Rhea requests that her ask Inspector not to document the case. She says she will leave in 2-3 mins and tells at that point figure what will occur with you. Prachi says what to call you? Rhea says I will tell my father that you caught me, and after that he will apologize for confiding in you. Prachi says I needed to stop the Inspector to document the FIR, however at this point I won’t stop him. She says I will request that Inspector document a solid body of evidence against you and tells that when you turn out in the wake of serving discipline, at that point you will turn out to be great which your dad merits. She says I would have ceased him, however not presently. I won’t concur even your dad asks me to.

Abhi endeavors to tell the man that he is in a bad position. Man requests that he accept him to emergency clinic first as he got injured on his foot. Abhi tells that his little girl is in police headquarters for the mishap. Man says both dad and girl don’t know driving. He asks how is the individual who was hit by your little girl’s vehicle. Pragya leaves emergency clinic and sits in the taxi. Abhi is remaining there contending with the man. Pragya looks there, yet couldn’t see Abhi.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya Episode Update: Pragya goes to the Police station and requests that Inspector leave Rhea. Controller says she did your mishap. Pragya says I was crossing the street without taking a gander at the way, and tells that she is honest. Rhea gets sad eyes and wipes her tears.


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