Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Abhi and Prachi had the hope of meeting. Everything seemed fixed, but it did not happen. Both could not be found

Abhi and Prachi were expected to meet. Everything seemed fixed, but it did not happen. Both could not be found.

In today’s episode you will see that Prachi is talking to Abhi in the police station. He is saying to Abhi that everything can be fine when talking with intelligence. Pragya is shaken when you find herself helpless on the situation of Prachi.

However, Prachi has full hopes that Abhishek will take him out of jail. He tells Abhi to talk with intelligence. She says that Pragya will help her to get out of jail.

The last promo shows that Pragya is standing at one place in the police station. Feeling disturbed. Trying to talk to someone on the phone. The way the intellect is standing is moving on the same side.

Presently it is important to see whether the knowledge or the prizes can be found or not? This will be known in the up and coming episodes.

It was normal that in the past episode Abhi and Pragya may at long last meet. In any case, that didn’t occur. Rather, Abhi accidentally helped comfort Pragya, who was holding up outside the police headquarters and sobbing over Prachi’s circumstance. Obviously, he went there to address Prachi as he needed to ensure that she was alright.

Abhi is seen having a discussion with Prachi at the police headquarters. She is disclosing to Abhi how addressing Pragya would quiet her down. Pragya is shaken as she feels powerless over Prachi’s circumstance. In any case, Prachi is persuaded that Abhi will almost certainly enable her to out and get her out of the jail. She discloses to Abhi that he ought to address Pragya and let her realize that he will enable her to escape jail. In another clasp, Pragya is seen remaining in a corner and attempting to search for some system on her telephone. Maybe she needs to make a call in regards to Prachi’s safeguard or possibly to Sarita? In the mean time, Abhi is strolling towards her as he expect that she may be Prachi’s mom.

Will the two at long last meet? The way the new promotions have been demonstrating that Pragya and Abhi may at last understand that Prachi and Rhea are their departed little girls, maybe the gathering may at long last occur? The promotion showed how Pragya addressed Rhea by saying that Prachi resembles a sister to her. I’m not catching this’ meaning? Stay tuned with the Tellyupdates.Me for the episode of Kumkum Bhagya.


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