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The Episode starts with Rhea coming to Pragya’s house. Pragya sees her and asks what occurred? Rhea hugs her. Shahana receives disillusioned. Rhea recollects Aaliya’s phrases and says I don’t recognize why I got here, but i’ve come right here. Pragya says i will now not ask you why you came and asked seeing tears on your eyes. Rhea says how do you recognize? Pragya says there may be some thing between us. Rhea tells that she changed into going through taxi and having headache, so she got here here. Shahana says clinical shop became outdoor. Pragya says even we have medicinal drug and asks her to get medicine from interior. Shahana hides the medicine and tells that remedy isn’t at domestic, asks Rhea to convey it. Pragya wipes Rhea’s hairs and asks Shahana to convey ut. Shahana takes umbrella together with her. Dasi finds her almari open and thinks she might have allow it open.

She then thinks to check if something is missing? She checks her necklace and finds it lacking. Aaliya comes there and sees Dasi getting bowled over and calling Abhi. Aaliya asks what befell? Dasi asks her to name Police. Aaliya says your jewelry isn’t always misplaced and says she took her jewelry for cleaning so took hers also. Dasi says after I asked you to take my jewellery for sprucing, you didn’t take it. Aaliya says she is bringing trade in herself. Dasi says you did proper? Aaliya says i am sorry that I need to have requested you earlier than taking it. Dasi says atleast I didn’t get the coronary heart assault. Aaliya remembers Dasi giving her teachings about Purab and thank you her. She hugs her and asks her to inform next time when to take jewelry for sharpening. Dasi hopes they live glad.

Purab thinks to speak to Disha and asks his secretary to return to his cabin. Juhi comes there. Purab tells that he desires CM vasudha’s media coordinators. Juhi says antique and new CM’s media coordinators are identical. Shahana comes home and sees Pragya massaging Rhea’s head and Rhea resting on her lap. She asks Pragya to ask her if she needs rubdown or no longer. Pragya says she will experience light and proper. Shahana says Rhea wouldn’t have get head rub down earlier than. Rhea says no one did it earlier than. Shahana says i can carry taxi for you. Pragya says she isn’t going now and asks Shahana now not to problem her, says she can make espresso for her. Pragya goes to kitchen. Shahana says you’re doing the equal thing for which you preserve blaming Prachi. She says you blame Prachi, but you’re snatching his mum. Abhi talks to the secretary Juhi. He sees Pragya’s message and thinks to reply her. He then thinks if I message her then she will be able to suppose i’m thinking about her. Pragya thinks of Kiara and Abhi and hopes to make espresso for her different daughter (Rhea). She burns her hand inside the kitchen and Abhi gets the sensation of burning. He asks Juhi if she get such feeling. He then asks to present message to Mr. Juneja.

Shahana asks Rhea why did she come here when Prachi isn’t at home. Rhea says she turned into having headache without a doubt? Shahana says don’t act infront of me and says you watched that Prachi is snatching your dad from you then you definitely want to snatch Maasi from Prachi. Rhea says no one can snatch her determine from other. Shahana asks her to go earlier than Pragya comes. Rhea says if you keep pronouncing this then I promise to snatch Prachi’s mum from her. Pragya brings coffee and offers to Rhea. Shahana asks if I ought to get headache to get coffee. Pragya says my jealous daughter and asks Rhea to drink. Rhea thank you Pragya and says she is feeling very mild and this espresso is excellent. She asks can i come to satisfy you whenever I need ? Pragya asks her to come every time she wants and says i can feel precise. Rhea hugs Pragya. Pragya is going to preserve the coffee cup in kitchen. Rhea hugs Shahana and asks her now not to are available in her way and make her angry, says if she receives irritated then will grasp her mum from her. Pragya comes and says bye. Rhea leaves.

Juhi gets Disha’s range and gives to Purab. Purab dials her quantity and thinks what to speak to her. He receives Kiran’s wide variety and she asks him to get Aaliya’s report. He says ok. Purab thinks of Disha’s husband and thinks if she is married, then why Kiran will say.

Secretary comes to Disha and says Hritik sir is asking you downstairs. Disha says she may be very busy. Hritik comes there. Disha says she has many documents. Hritik asks Varsha to send all files to home. Disha says the equal. he’s taking her with him.

Shahana calls Prachi and says Rhea got here after you left and tells the entirety. Prachi says she requested you to stay out of it and tells that she will talk later after coming home. She earrings Ranbir’s door bell. Beeji says I got here to meet you after which says I understand you came to take the report. She is going to get record. Ranbir comes and scares Prachi. Prachi runs in the back of him. Beeji comes there. Ranbir says she were given scared. Beeji asks him now not to tease her. Prachi asks about his age. Beeji asks why? Prachi says he’s grown up, however childish. Beeji asks Ranbir to take Prachi to office.

Precap: Abhi calls Sarita behen and asks where is she? Sarita behen says they are in the eating place and asks him to peer interior. Pragya tries to take a look at Abhi.


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