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The Episode begins with Tanu telling Disha that she will take her jewelry from that drawer. Disha slips and shouts. Tanu asks if a person slips like this and helps her rise up. Disha says you made me fell down intentionally. She asks shall I tell jiju that you came to look brooch. Tanu says i will carry ointment for you and goes. Disha searches for the DNA file. Tanu thinks to apply robust ointment to Disha so that she feels pain. She comes lower back to Disha and asks her why did she stand. Disha says she turned into checking her foot. Tanu thinks to use the ointment to make her experience ache. Disha gets the report on the mattress and tells that she will now not follow ointment and says you may ruin my foot. She is going. Tanu sees the drawer open and thinks to search what she is hiding.

Abhi asks pragya to maintain kalash there and hold some leaves and coconut on facet. He gives extra work. Pragya asks why you need to do all the paintings. She says a person else can do this. Abhi says he wants to do it himself. Pragya says why you are making me do. Abhi says you shall do too and thinks his bride is supporting him to beautify the mandap. Pragya thinks they were given married in such mandap. Abhi asks if she is remembering their marriage. Pragya says she can beautify mandap in 2 mins. Abhi says it slow starts now and calls her Sweety, Bapu, Shona and so on. pragya says I don’t like it. Abhi says he’ll name her fuggi. Pragya says she don’t want. Abhi asks her to decide what she wants and says she shall not inform after marriage. Pragya says whose marriage. Abhi says neha and Tarun’s marriage. Pragya says you are becoming hitler. Abhi asks her no longer to reduce his talks, but simply concentrate after marriage. Chachi comes and asks whose marriage? Abhi says each households. Disha involves Abhi and says they’ll start marriage occasion enterprise in conjunction with Pragya’s help. Abhi tells Chachi that he became telling Pragya approximately it. Pragya asks whilst did you tell? Disha says you forget matters and says you shall inform her.

Chachi goes to Aaliya’s room and thinks she saw King-Aaliya and Pragya-Abhi near. She thinks to inform King. She calls King and asks him to come back to Abhi’s residence. King asks if Pragya is great? Chachi asks him to come and prevent his own family. King says he has expert existence also to deal with. He thinks he has to get scared from most effective Mumbai man and thinks Pragya will in no way like Abhi. Purab asks Abhi to address his exhilaration and conceal from all and sundry. Abhi sees Tanu checking in Disha’s room. He comes inner and asks if she is stealing anything. Tanu asks why he is excited as though he is getting married. Abhi seems on. Disha is having the DNA file and she or he thinks in which to hide it. She gets an idea. Pragya comes and asks what you will now not see. Disha says there’s no decoration so people will no longer realize that marriage is happening right here. She tells that she desires to Torang and tells that she isn’t always getting this feeling. She asks while everyone will come from kuldevi temple.

Tanu says you’re accusing me to thieve something, I accuse you to hide some thing from me. Abhi asks what i’m able to hide? Tanu says you’re scared that i might foil the plan. She asks are you planning to marry Pragya. Abhi asks do you believe you studied that this is my plan? He says you are thinking me in order that I don’t question you. Tanu says examine your face, you’re looking as a groom who is going to marry. Abhi sings song and says i am happy what’s her trouble. Tanu says you forgot your everyday conduct with me and says nowadays i’m accusing you and you aren’t scolding me and gave equal response. She asks what is he hiding? Abhi says nowadays i am in unique quarter and i’ve combined emotions in me. He asks her to ensure now not to do something to smash the marriage environment and keep eye on visitors in preference to maintaining eye on Pragya. Tanu says this is your everyday conduct.

Pragya tells Disha that she ordered Torang plants and whoever is going from beneath it, will get God’s advantages. Disha says she will tie it and the DNA file falls from her hand. Pragya alternatives it from the ground. Disha takes it from her hand and says that is bill. Pragya asks why her conduct is changing and why Abhi is an awful lot happy. Pragya says he’s hiding something from me and asks Disha to tell. She says i will not let you move without hearing from you.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap: Abhi makes Pragya wear garland and wears garland from her hand. He then holds her hand and takes her to marriage altar.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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