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Tanu coming to King’s residence. King receives amazed to look her. Tanu says it is right which you recognized me and says I thought you have got forgotten me. King says it’s miles 2 months, three weeks and 4 days. Tanu says wow, and says your situation is likewise like of Abhi, he used to do the equal whilst Pragya left him. King asks why did she come? Tanu tells that she got here to ask him for the celebration, notion Pragya might forget to invite him. She says Pragya is pregnant. King looks on. Tanu asks him to do something and says if you don’t do something then i will do something very awful after which you’ll be responsible for the effects. Tanu thinks of Pragya accusing her for having pregnant with someone else baby and says she will be able to no longer permit her to have this being pregnant. She hits her automobile with a person’s vehicle and elopes. She reaches domestic. Taiji tells that she will be able to supply juice to Pragya. She tells that the medical doctor checked her and said that infant is quality. Tanu says she will be able to give juice to Pragya and will meet her. Taiji says she can provide juice and asks her to offer plant life to Neha. Tanu involves Pragya’s room and sees Disha convincing Pragya to splendour remedy. Beautician tells that when she keeps cucumber on her eyes, she shall near it. Tanu thinks to combine poison inside the juice.

She involves the kitchen. Taiji searches for sugar. Tanu tells her that Dadi desired you and Mitali to try a necklace. Taiji says it’s going to fit me. She is ready to take the juice, however, Tanu stops her once more. Taiji says let her deliver to Mitali, i will deliver juice to Pragya. Tanu says there is no sugar right here. She opens the refrigerator and sees Papaya. She gets a concept and recollects medical doctor telling her that Papaya is bad for pregnant women. She asks Tai ji to ship Servant and thinks to make Papaya juice, and mix orange flavour. She says Pragya will drink the juice and could have a miscarriage. She says I need to peer you crying and Abhi would possibly kick you out questioning you to be careless, and says that is an exceptional concept.

Abhi involves King’s house. King greets him. Abhi says how can i neglect you. King asks approximately Kiara. Abhi says they’re first-rate. King says he met Kiara remaining week. Abhi invitations him for the party and says Kiara is going to have a child sister or brother and says Pragya is pregnant. He says I have to go and invite more visitors. King asks him for the drink. Abhi says I have to pressure and leaves. Tanu sends Sarita to Pragya even as the latter is having cucumber on her eyes. Sarita asks Pragya to have juice. Tanu eyes her and threatens. A fb is proven, Tanu blackmails Sarita and asks her to give papaya juice to Pragya. She tells that she can tell absolutely everyone that she has stolen her bracelet on your father’s orders. She says you and your father may be arrested. She says Police beats gentlemen badly and asks if your father will feel insulted and die. She asks do you need this to manifest.? Sarita nods no. Tanu asks her to offer juice to Pragya and gives her cash. She asks her to be glad. facebook ends.

Tanu signs and symptoms Sarita to make Pragya drink. Pragya asks Sarita to take the juice as she can’t drink it now. Tanu nods no. Sarita asks Pragya to drink. Pragya says i am not feeling exact. Sarita insists her to have juice. Pragya says ok and takes the juice asking her to move. Tanu thinks Pragya telling her that she has to lie to her baby always. She thinks you known as my pregnancy as illegitimate, i will not assist you to have to be pregnant.

Abhi talks to Kiara. Disha comes there. King says Daddy is gifting bracelet to Mamma and Dada is likewise coming to a birthday celebration. Abhi says it is a wonder. I referred to as King as Pragya may be happy to look her. Disha tells him that Pragya is having face pack and asks him no longer to disturb her. Tanu thinks this is a good way to revenge. Pragya is about to drink. Tanu hides seeing Abhi. Abhi involves room and asks her to have juice. He eats cucumber which Pragya stored off from her eyes. Abhi says it might have ended up drowsy. just then juice glass falls down due to Abhi. Tanu gets indignant. Does he ask in which is that dress which I gave you? Pragya says I stored it in Disha’s room. Tanu thinks she shall do something to terminate this pregnancy.

Precap:- Pragya slips and falls down the steps due to the get dressed which Tanu altered to her advantage

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