Kumkum Bhagya 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Abhi asking about the dress. Pragya says I saved it in Disha’s room. Abhi says correct. He gives her a bracelet and says that is my love. Pragya says it’s miles beautiful. Abhi thank you and hugs her for giving the most important happiness of his lifestyles. Does he say don’t recognize what I shall supply? Pragya asks him to offer her time.

He asks if she favoured the bracelet. Pragya says beautiful. Abhi asks her to provide a small kiss. Pragya says no and asks him to head. She kisses at the bracelet and turns to name him, however, he is still status. She gives him a flying kiss. Abhi and Pragya smile. Tanu comes to Disha and Purab’s room and says this time it is God’s wish, however hard work is of mine. She takes the knife and says pregnant girls shall not put on heavy clothes, drink Papaya and will be cautious. She cuts the lehenga lining and says in case you give way from the stairs then your being pregnant survival modifications is Zero.

Tarun and Neha come there. Mitali asks how is she? She asks Tarun if Neha troubles her. Taya ji says she would possibly problems Tarun and asks them to peer Abhi who have become waiter from rockstar. Abhi comes and greets them. Tanu thinks Mitali will assist me and calls her. She asks her to move and call Pragya as Abhi and dates requested. Mitali says ok and is going. Kiara suggests her toys. Neha says they shall cross now. Sunny is going with Kiara to play.

Pragya comes sporting the get dressed and tells Disha that it is torn. Disha says she can sew it and searches needle and thread. Tanu thinks Disha is probably looking it. Disha says don’t recognize where it went. Pragya asks if there is protection pin, and asks her to give. Tanu thinks the equal. Mitali asks her to exchange the dress. Pragya says they have no time. Tanu thinks Pragya will walk fastly and could slip down the stairs stepping on Sunny and Kiara’s spin toy.

Disha pins her lehenga. Mitali asks Pragya to head. Aaliyah involves Tanu and asks her now not to do something with the baby and says I personally will punish you because the toddler is my blood and I can no longer depart you. Tanu says I am now not doing something. Aaliyah gets a call and is going. Tanu maintains bearings on the steps and thinks Pragya will collapse and her survival probabilities are less. Abhi calls Pragya and asks if she will come, or shall I come. Pragya asks him to come. Tanu receives worried and makes bahadur slip on Abhi.

Disha asks Abhi to be there and says they’re bringing Di right here. Purab takes Abhi with him. Pragya feels pain in her belly all at once. She asks them to come. Mitali broadcasts that Pragya is coming downstairs. Tanu seems angry. Abhi appears at Pragya and signs and symptoms King to take a look at her. Pragya smiles seeing the king. Kiara comes and greets King. Pragya is looking at Abhi and getting down the stairs. She slips and attempts to keep the railing but in vain. Abhi runs and holds her on time. He asks are you okay? Pragya says I am exceptional. She says I can cross and exchange the dress. absolutely everyone gets worried. Abhi sees bearings on the steps and asks who made it fall. He asks Kiara if she made it fall as it is her toys bearing. Kiara says no. Abhi asks the guilty to confess else he will no longer leave them. Tanu receives indignant and goes to the kitchen. King understands seeing her.

Tanu thinks how can Pragya be stored, God turned into assisting me, so how can he help Pragya at the final minute. She says I’m Tanu and might do something I want, and thinks how did she get saved. She thinks why God did this with me and gave me this idea whilst he needed to keep this baby. She shouts asking why? King hears her and asks why are you doing this? Tanu says she was telling about hair fall hassle. King says person fall trouble and asks how a good deal you’ll droop? Tanu says no. King says why you are getting panicked.

Tanu says I am no longer scared. King says you’re so reasonably-priced and don’t know the word want. He says I can give you a becoming respond, but don’t need to reveal my anger on you as Pragya indicates sympathy on you else she would have kicked you out. Tanu says I can inform Abhi which you have touched me. King says I will also tell him the truth and will prove it. He says absolutely everyone changed into stunned while Pragya fell and Abhi held her and scolded the children. I noticed you have been very scared. He says you will prove your self. He says I’ve visible your reality. Tanu says yes, I tried to kill the child and says if wanted, then I’m able to kill Pragya also. King holds her neck and asks her no longer to do that mistake, else I’m able to kill you before this idea comes to your coronary heart. He says Pragya isn’t always with me, but she is in my heart and asks her to stay far away from her. He threatens to kill her once more. Tanu receives angry.

Precap:- Pragya slaps Tanu and says you tried to kill my toddler. Abhi slaps her and drags her out of the residence and asks her to depart. Tanu is stunned.


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