Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The girls look for the raise however none of the cab stops by using. Shahana complains to Prachi that they misplaced the thief and luggage handiest because Prachi stopped to pay attention to the speech. She gets an idea to get the carry from the movie. She comes to a decision to faux an coincidence, the automobile proprietor will provide them both cash and lift. Prachi was afraid what if it occurs in actual. Shahana executes the plan in actual and receives carry from Abhi. each Shahana and Prachi get within the automobile. Abhi inquires about their courting, circle of relatives and house. Abhi scolds Shahana for the odd conduct to take the elevate. The women provide an explanation for their situation and the lack of bags. Abhi asks why they moved right here. they say they have come here to finish education from MMIS college. Abhi says his daughter research inside the identical university. at the place, Abhi drops

the girls. Prachi returns to supplement that she loved some thing Abhi stated in his speech for his daughter. He spoke his coronary heart out; just like the children say my father is the first-class father. he’s simply the pleasant father, and it seems a father’s love is not any less than a mother’s love. She in no way noticed her father, though her mother in no way let them experience his absence. handiest every now and then, she want her father became there. She gets tearful. Abhi says life is like this, we never get many a matters. His daughter didn’t get a mom, and Prachi didn’t get a father. He asks what her mother’s call is. Prachi became lost in deep mind. Shahana calls Prachi interior. Abhi says her mom is greater loving than him, she despatched them to an unknown metropolis. He advices her to enlighten her name. Prachi waits to bid Abhi an excellent bye with a wave. Shahana complains to Prachi that she met Abhi as though he is her actual father.
At domestic, Chachi court cases to Chacha ji that she gained’t be capable of carry up extra daughters. Chacha ji promises to accommodate for a while, he’ll later communicate to their mother. He opens the door to the ladies. Chachi changed into annoyed at their arrival. Shahana says they have lost their luggage and could use her Chuni Munni’s garments. Shahana counts straight away that Prachi gave up her new dress once they came over to visit them as nicely. Then requests Chachi to devour something. Chachi says there’s leftover of the day she will offer. Shahana complains to Prachi they constantly serve them nicely each time they go to us. Prachi says she would possibly have a horrific day and could soon be first-rate.
Pragya calls on Prachi’s number and changed into angry as she doesn’t solution. Bee ji tells her to hold attempting, the girls are in a strange town. The smartphone rings in Abhi’s car. He changed into angry and doesn’t pick out up the decision and instead returns to Chacha’s area in which he dropped the girls. He cuts the continuously ringing smartphone. Pragya attempts again. Abhi takes the decision but sign changed into vulnerable due to rain in Pragya’s metropolis. Pragya comes to the window and turned into right away nervous hearing the voice different facet. Bee ji asks Pragya who is it. Pragya says the road is weak. Bee ji takes the phone. Abhi can pay attention her simply. Bee ji deems it’s far Churinder and asks about Shahana and Prachi. Abhi says he dropped Shahana and Prachi to their uncle’s place and their phone turned into left within the car. Pragya takes the call. each weren’t capable to speak to every different.

PRECAP: Pragya speak with Bee ji what if Prachi appears for her father in Delhi. Bee ji says Prachi knows her father disowned her and his wife while she turned into a minor. There, Prachi thinks well about Abhi however shows hatred for her father.


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