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The Episode begins with Rhea revealing to Aaliya that Prachi’s mum got her liberated. She inquires as to whether she didn’t see the video via web-based networking media and advises that reviewer recorded endeavor to kill body of evidence against her, yet prachi’s mum torn the FIR. She tells that she did all that for me, and says she didn’t see such an astounding woman, so genuine, I never observed such lady. She says Inspector captured Prachi’s mum, and she was compromising Inspector not to contact me. She says she realizes whatever I did with Prachi and her issues with her, however then additionally she agreed with my stance, and asks would you be able to trust me. She says now I come to know from where Prachi got so much guts, since her mom is having much guts. She says she wouldn’t have been Prachi’s mum, however she will be her mum as it were. Mitali comes and tells that Abhi came what’s more, is irate. Aaliya apologizes to Meera. Vikram and Purab endeavor to quiet down Abhi. Abhi says she will get it. Rhea comes and embraces Abhi. Abhi says I gave you everything and freedom to do anything. He asks who gave you the privilege to play with somebody’s life. Rhea asks would you say you are reprimanding me? Abhi says I didn’t realize that our affection and care will ruin you to such an extent. Meera requests that he quiet down. Rhea says she didn’t do anything and says Prachi’s mum. Abhi says I know everything. He says she did mishap of the woman who got her liberated. Aaliya says she is a child. Abhi says you have constantly upheld and supported her for bad behaviors.

Dadi says what is the utilization of discussing this. Abhi says I don’t need this to happen again and improve her. Rhea says you don’t have the foggiest idea what Prachi did with me. Abhi says Prachi is developed and I would prefer not to tune in. Aaliya says you are reproving your little girl for another person. Abhi says it is my oversight that I spoiled her a great deal and ruined her. He says tomorrow, we both will go to Prachi’s home to apologize to Prachi and her mum both. Rhea says when I didn’t foul up then for what reason will I say sorry. Purab endeavors to meddle. Abhi asks him not to agree with her position. Rhea says I am grieved, however I won’t apologize to Prachi. Abhi says I need you to understand your mix-up and says see you in the first part of the day.

Vikram’s better half approaches her to state sorry for Abhi’s bliss. Rhea asks Aaliya to influence him to comprehend and says I can’t express sorry to learn. Aaliya asks Vikram to give some significant work to Bhai so he overlooks Prachi. Vikram says alright. Aaliya asks her not to stress. Dadi asks Purab will I run with them. Purab says no, and says Abhi is extremely disturbed. Abhi considers Inspector and correspondent’s truism and considers in the event that Pragya would have been here, at that point Rhea would be better individual. He supposes how her senior little girl resembles, and should have specs like Pragya. He supposes for what reason did he let Pragya take his senior twin.

Pragya gets up from rest thinking Rhea saying she has no mum. She drinks water and thinks my more youthful girl is with Abhi, and considers if my little girl resembles Rhea. She stresses for her and considers on the off chance that she resembles Prachi, and supposes she should resemble her, or like Kiara. She supposes Kiara was difficult, however was developed. She supposes the more youthful little girl must resemble kiara and supposes she never missed Abhi, however after numerous days she missed him. Prachi goes to her and says I will rub your head. Pragya says I am fine. Prachi says I will rub your head. Pragya says you are difficult like your dad. Prachi inquires as to whether you would prefer not to discuss him then its alright. She inquires as to whether he truly don’t love me. Pragya says he used to adore you a ton and used to rationalize not to go out. She says your dad was tensely sitting tight for you both and was not awful, however the conditions was awful. She says when I was going out, he needed to take the two little girls, yet she accepting her with her as she would have passed on without her. Prachi expresses gratitude toward her for informing beneficial things concerning her dad and says I heard just terrible things about him from Dadi, which I realize that won’t be valid.

In the first part of the day, Abhi awakens Rhea. Rhea awakens and says hello. She says sorry regarding yesterday. Abhi says we are setting off to Prachi’s home and says I need you to apologize to them. Rhea says she don’t have a clue about their location. Abhi says he knew his old house, yet the driver returned and said that he couldn’t enquire about their new location. Rhea says they can remain anyplace. Abhi says he sent Purab to school and got Prachi’s location. He requests that her prepare. Rhea gets furious and says I would prefer not to do this. She says I am prepared to apologize to Prachi’s mum, yet not her. She says she slapped me and needed to show me a thing or two. She says Prachi needs to see her triumph all over.

Pragya is making espresso for everybody. Sarita behen comes and tells that Malti called and said that she isn’t coming. Pragya offers her espresso. Sarita behen says she drinks ginger tea. Pragya says I will make. Sarita behen says I will drink espresso. Pragya gives her espresso and asks who is Malti? Sarita behen says my assistant. Pragya says I will take the necessary steps and make sustenance. Sarita behen inquires as to whether you are Malti’s relative. Pragya discloses to her that the sustenance will be delicious. Sarita behen says clients will say. She says she won’t give her cash. Pragya says I will be glad helping other people and advises that she used to give free educational costs to NGO kids. Sarita behen asks you is by all accounts distraught and asks don’t feel that I will offer freedom to pay lease late. Pragya says I need bless your face till night.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya Episode Update: Abhi and Rhea go to Prachi’s home. Pragya opens the entryway and takes a gander at them. Abhi is additionally shocked.


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