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New trouble in Pragya-Abhi’s life has knocked, reacting on new twisted track Abhi Pragya’s life was followed by several storms. This sequence is still going on. Tanu had terror in Abhi-Pragya’s life earlier. This time Meera is preparing to come in between Abhi-Pragya.

High voltage drama has started in the show Kumkum Bhagya. Meera will now be seen in the story between Abhi and Pragya’s love story. Yes, Abhi and Pragya have met. They have faced each other. On the day of Ganesh worship, Abhi saw the appearance of Pragya. So Pragya also saved Abhi’s life. Now everything is going to be alright in Abhi-Pragya’s life, then Meera is in the midst of coming in the middle. Meera wants Abhi in her heart, but she has never been able to tell Abhi. Though Abhi never saw Meera with that look. In such a situation, the closeness between Abhi and Meera will increase. The upcoming episode of the show will show that Abhi feels her health is deteriorating. He will ask Meera to check her body temperature. Meera will be a bit uncomfortable in the meantime. When Meera moves closer to Mr. Mehra, her love for Abhi deepens. However Abhi would be oblivious to this feeling. Will Abhi also fall in Meera’s love in the upcoming episode or will she think of Pragya and get away from Meera? Let’s know what else will happen in the coming episodes: –

Seeing the scenes of Meera and Abhi going on in the show, the fans gave such reactions

Seeing the scenes of Meera and Abhi going on in the show, the fans gave such a reaction – people are seen saying that please do not let Meera get so close to Abhi. Change this track

Fans are in demand – bring Abhi Pragya along

The twist named Pragya and Abhi Keys has come to life. However, Pragya and Abhi are yet to meet. The makers have decided to keep Abhi Pragya away for a little more time to make the show even more fun. After a few weeks, when Abhi Pragya will come along, the fans will also be happy to see them. By the way, fans are in great demand that Abhi Pragya be brought along in the show soon.

Slowly Meera’s true form will be revealed …

Fans are praying about Abhi Pragya that the two meet. But now the makers of the show are bringing trouble between these two named Meera. However, Meera seems quite calm in the show right now. But as the show progresses, Meera can be seen in its true form

Meera falls in Abhi’s arms, will be able to replace Pragya!

A new promo of the upcoming show has surfaced in which Meera falls in Abhi’s arms. See what happened after that…

An altercation between Purab and Disha due to this, a new twist will come in the upcoming episode

In the show Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi-Pragya, Riya-Prachi and Ranveer, Purab Disha and Alia are having a lot of conflict.

Aaliyah insure from the Purab and proximity

There are also many changes in the Purab, Disha and life of Alia. Purab is getting attracted towards his first wife since Disha’s return. Alia is getting insured from Purab and Disha. Alia is making every effort to keep Purab and Disha away from each other. But to the Purab, he is not getting hurt by going close to the Disha. Viewers of this show also want to see Purab and Disha together

A big storm is coming in the life of Ranveer and Prachi

Prachi and Riya do not know that they are both real sisters. In order to make Prachi happy, Riya has sent Ranveer to him by making him a pawn so that he falls weak and Riya wins over Prachi in everything. But in the meantime Ranveer will fall in love with Prachi. When Ranveer is really in love with her, when she tells Riya about this, then there will be a storm in Pragya-Ranveer’s life.

Ranvir will cause a great war between Prachi and Riya

In the show, on one side, there are new storms in Abhi Pragya’s life. At the same time, Abhi-Pragya’s daughters are also going to get caught in the complexities of life. Ranveer has come in between two sisters. Already Riya and Prachi do not like each other. Now both love Ranveer. In such a situation, who will be Ranveer is also very interesting to see in the show. Meanwhile, there will also be a great war between the two sisters.

Big twist came on the show

After Tanu, Meera now comes in Abhi and Pragya’s life. Meera seems to be attracted towards Abhi in the show. In such a situation, will Abhi give Meera instead of Pragya? Big twist came on the show


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