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The Episode starts with Kiara asking Pragya if she is fine and swears that she didn’t make bearings fall on the stairs, and says they were playing in the room and Neha was with them. Neha says they were playing with spinner and they didn’t do this. Pragya says I know and thinks who can do this. Tanu thinks Pragya’s black magic is on King also, and he threatened me. She thinks she will do whatever she wants and can’t see her happy for one more day. She says I want to see tears in her eyes always, I will not forgive her and will make her die with tension. When she leaves, I will accept Kiara and will become Abhi’s wife, but before that I have to kill Pragya’s baby.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 February

She puts juice in glass and says I thought to use it tomorrow, but I will use it today itself. She says it is tasteless so Pragya will not know and says if you also die because of its overdose then nobody will be more happy than me. Dadi calls Pragya and applies black tika to her. Disha says I will be always with you. Mitali says she will keep eye on her to ward off evil eye. Pragya says there is no bad sight on me because of you all. Pragya meets king and asks how is he? King says good and asks Pragya about her. pragya says she is fine. Abhi says he was drinking wearing a night suit. Pragya asks King to search a manager. King asks her to search same like her. Abhi says she is only one. He suggests him to marry. King says marriage is not in his destiny. Pragya says surely you will find someone soon. Tanu comes to Sarita and asks her to give juice to Pragya and says I want to see her miscarriage today itself.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 February 2019

Pragya hears her and slaps her. She says I would have forgiven you, but you tried to kill my unborn baby. Tanu says she didn’t do this. Pragya asks her to leave. Aaliya looks at her. Pragya says you sent juice for me. Tanu says I care for you as everyone does. Pragya says you sent Papaya juice and says Sarita told me everything. Tanu looks at Sarita angrily. Sarita tells that she was scared, but she thought she will never betrayed this family and that’s why told Pragya. Tanu is about to slap Sarita, but Pragya stops her. Tanu pushes Pragya. Abhi gets angry and slaps Tanu. He asks why did you do this with me and tried to kill Pragya and our baby.

Tanu says she has snatched my house and husband. Pragya says this is my house and family whom I took back. Abhi asks Mitali and Disha to pack her bags and says I won’t let her stay here. He says I will not let anything wrong happen with my family and says you have to leave the house now itself. Mitali and Disha come to room happily and tell that they were waiting for this moment. They pack her clothes. Tanu says you can’t kick me out of your life and home. Abhi says I should have done this long before. Tanu says I never thought your wrong. Abhi says you took advantage of my goodness and says you have to leave. Tanu says I am your Tanu and you used to love me. Abhi says that was not love, as Pragya taught me love. Tanu says he still loves me. Dadi and Tai ji say that even blind can see whom he loves. Tanu asks them not to interfere. Dadi says we will say and says if you say anything against Pragya then we all will say.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2019

Tanu asks Aaliya to speak supporting her. Aaliya says I will not say as I am the daughter of this house. Tanu says atleast ask Abhi not to kick me out. Aaliya says I asked you not to think bad of the house else I will not support you. Tanu says when did you support me, calls her selfish woman and says you came to me to cry for Purab. Aaliya slaps her. She says you are my friend, and asks how dare you? She says I tried to make you understand that Pragya came back and everyone is happy, deal with it, but you didn’t understand. She says 2 months have passed, but you have still hatred for her and your hatred increased so much that you tried her.

Tanu says this baby shall die and shouts, saying she will kill the baby if he is born. She says she don’t want their love baby to come in this world. Aaliya slaps her. Pragya says this is never yours and asks her to leave. Tanu says I will not go and tells that she has sacrificed much and gave so many years to Abhi. King says this family will not be yours. Tanu slaps him. King asks Abhi not to keep her in his house for a moment. Abhi says this was very difficult for me, but you made it easy for me. Mitali and Disha bring Tanu’s stuff. Abhi holds her hand and kicks her out of the house. Aaliya keeps her stuff out. Abhi closes the door. Tanu says you will repent so much and leaves from there. Pragya feels drowsy and faints. Abhi holds her. Dasi says it might be Papaya juice affect. Aaliya says I have called the doctor.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February

Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine. Disha asks about her pain. Doctor says it was due to the stress, she needs rest. She asks Abhi to go out. Pragya gains consciousness. Abhi says I will give her company and love and she will get worried seeing it. Pragya signs he is mad. Doctor leaves. Abhi asks Pragya why did she sign that he is mad? Pragya says he likes the mad guy. Abhi says he will take care of her very well and says you will give me best husband and best papa’s award. He says he will take care of their baby. Pragya hugs him.

Precap: Kumkum Bhagya 25 February 2019 Written Update Abhi says you will see me after waking up and will have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my hand. Tanu swears to snatch Pragya’s happiness.


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