Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragya takes the cellphone from Bee ji. , it starts to rain in Delhi. Abhi couldn’t listen virtually as Pragya asks Abhi how he got Prachi’s call. there was a disruption in the name.

At domestic, Chachi tells the girls they didn’t cook anything unique. Chacha ji but guarantees to make them Gobi okay Parathay. Chachi ji goes to reply the door bell. Chacha ji leaves. Shahana changed into curt that they’ve so much less daal for them. Prachi cherished ingesting from the same plate. Chachi brings their cellular phone and scolds the girls for being irresponsible. Shahana goes to kitchen to search for pickles. Prachi attempts to name her mom however the call doesn’t connect. Prachi feels for Abhi who desired them, and feels unwell for her father who left her and her mom helpless.
Bee ji comes to the room and tells

Prachi that due to climate, landline couldn’t connect. Prachi sat dissatisfied and became worried what if Prachi attempts to find her father. Bee ji assures Pragya that Prachi is aware of properly how her father is. He left his daughter and wife. She reminds her of an issue among them as nicely. Pragya recalls a flashback of her communication with Bee ji. Bee ji had advised fake matters about Abhi. Pragya tells Bee ji she will be able to tell Prachi about the whole thing. It become their destiny to part approaches, they might have endured responsible every other for Kiara, and else Abhi is a pleasing man. Bee ji asks her to inform Prachi about Abhi, then Prachi will begin to go to Abhi and he or she will lose her daughter.

There, in the vehicle, Abhi thinks the voice wasn’t clean and far away. but still he felt some connection. assembly Prachi already reminds him of his own daughter, his 2nd daughter have to also be antique enough. He still recalls the day her mom snatched her from him and left.

Pragya talk with Bee ji that the voice on other aspect sounded as a recognised one.

Prachi and Shahana attain their college. They have been excited for his or her new publications and diploma. Shahana asks Prachi wherein they have to go. Prachi replies, in the direction of existence. The university was crowded by young students. every other female Ria reaches the college in large car. She turned into boastful of her skills, and appears and numbers the men in a queue. She joins a set of her friends who have been hopeful that their university will win the subsequent style show as Riya is main. Rocky involves Riya and factors towards a nook where new college students have been being ragged. Riya feels for the brand new college students, but Rocky says they aren’t hurting all people. They spot Prachi and Shahana as new college students, is going to fulfill them, introduces themselves and asks about their introduction. Prachi excitedly says they belong to Hoshiarpur. anyone snicker. Riya challenges her to go and slap a nerd. Shahana tries to item, however Riya changed into rude and tells her to speak simplest on her flip. They warn that if Prachi doesn’t entire the project, they received’t permit the ladies to take even the primary lecture.

Prachi says this isn’t proper. Shahana tells Prachi they are able to make it right. She demanding situations that if Prachi definitely slaps the nerd, Riya must kiss him. Riya replies no manner. Shahana demanding situations if she simply were given the guts she should take it. the group chants for Riya. Prachi tells Shahana she will’t do it. Shahana tells Prachi to apply her brains, she will be able to do it. Riya takes the challenge. Prachi walks to the fellow.

Prachi asks the nerd Rahul about his call, then the girl Riya. Riya sends her friends to hear their communication. Rahul turned into excited to get a kiss from Riya and become equipped to do some thing for it. Prachi says she only desires to slap him, then Riya will simply kiss him. Rahul was ready and takes his glasses off as nicely. Prachi slaps Rahul difficult on face. the group clapped for Prachi while Riya stood curt.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode update: Shahana tells Riya she shouldn’t have widely wide-spread the task if she can’t receive her defeat. Riya turned into about to slap Shahana however Prachi comes to keep her hand in midair. Prachi asks her to consider the lesson of her personal shame subsequent time.


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