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The Episode begins with Sarita behen inquiring as to whether he loved her home. Abhi says it is great. Sarita behen requests that her beverage espresso. Abhi tastes the espresso and thinks back his minute with Pragya in the wake of drinking espresso made by her. He sentiments with her. Pragya calls Dasi and says she tricked him. Abhi says you made me distraught in adoration and endeavors to sentiment with her. fb closes. He asks Sarita behen who made this espresso? Sarita behen says she made this espresso as she has no Servants at home, and gives her card inquiring as to whether he has any gathering requests. He asks will I get another espresso. Rhea turns out and advises that she is sorry to Prachi and her mum. Prachi and Shahana turn out. Abhi asks did she apologize? Prachi gestures. Abhi says I need you both embrace. Prachi says she went out. Abhi apologizes to her and inquires her to state sorry for his benefit. Prachi hears him and thinks this is his voice. Abhi turns out and asks Rhea for what valid reason did she turn out, when he was conversing with Prachi. Rhea says I can’t apologize over and over. Abhi says you won’t go until you apologize to Prachi’s mum. Pragya turns out and gets some information about Rhea’s dad. Sarita behen says yes. Abhi endeavors to take Rhea inside. Rhea says she was sorry as of now. They leave. Pragya turns out and keeps running behind the vehicle, however they are no more. She supposes to ask Prachi.

Ranbir and Aryan are working on punching pack boxing. Aryan says you are champion in all things and approaches him to leave something for him with the goal that he can charm young ladies. Ranbir inquires as to whether he has any young lady companions. Aryan says no. Ranbir solicits what kind from young lady he needs. Vikram’s better half comes there and asks what are they talking? They intend to fix Aryan’s marriage. She at that point admonishes him and asks him not to make any lady friends. She gets some information about his young lady companion. Aryan says I don’t have young lady companion.

Sarita behen is talking. Pragya gets some information about Rhea’s dad. She inquires as to whether he was a rockstar. Sarita behen says no, might be some legend. Pragya inquires as to whether he was wearing something in his ear. Sarita behen says yes and tells that he drank espresso reluctantly. She says Rhea’s dad is a decent man and remains with joint family dislike her child. Pragya thinks why she is missing him so much, might be because of city impact.

Ranbir requests that Aryan select young lady from their school. Aryan chooses a young lady. Ranbir says he will proceed to charm her. Aryan inquires as to why? Ranbir hatches an arrangement to charm her and after that make her extremely upset. He says you will wipe her tears and afterward turned into her sweetheart. Aryan says it will be awful on the off chance that you become awful kid. Aryan says I am doing this for you and requests that he watch him. Prachi catches wind of Ranbir’s arrangement.

Pragya is in the vehicle and sees Meera in another vehicle while her Pallu is leaving the entryway. She attempts to caution her, however Meera is accessible as needs be and don’t hear her. Pragya requests that driver pursue that vehicle and says I will give you the cash. Ranbir endeavors to charm the young lady. Aryan says on the off chance that you don’t charm her, at that point how I will mend her heart after you break it. Ranbir requests that he pause and says she will come to him. Aryan says you don’t have a clue how to charm young ladies or awe them. He says you ought to have paid for her cola, and says you ought to have informed that she is ideal. Ranbir says the things which is conceivable with frame of mind, and says cash will not squander on it. She pursues and gets down from her vehicle. She educates Meera regarding her pallu out. Meera says I was accessible as needs be and says sorry. Pragya says if something had happened to her and says you will think about yourself. Meera is astonished and leaves vehicle. She says I like you admonishing. Pragya says are you genuine and says numerous individuals’ lives must be associated with you. She gets some information about her family. Meera takes a gander at her shockingly and says I have duty of many, however I am no one’s obligation. She says she loved the manner in which she reprimanded her and says they will formally present them. She says she is Meera.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya Episode Update: Prachi tells the young lady that she heard Ranbir and Aryan talking, and tricking her.


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