Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Abhi and Pragya test for Tanu, but couldn’t see her. Purab says she can not get vicinity even in hell. Purab telling Abhi that they shall send Tanu to jail. Abhi says we will ship her. Abhi says we will tell Pragya. Aaliya comes. Dadi tells that Pragya saw Tanu. Aaliya asks where is she? She tells that she will be able to see her. Purab says she is not here. Aaliya says I understand if Pragya noticed her then she is round, she is a mad girl. Abhi says it is simply your illusion. Aaliya says i will go and check, it can’t be illusion. Tanu involves Nikhil and says I need your assist. He asks her to go. Tanu says i’m Tanu. Nikhil says i am bored with you and says you have to have come here as something accurate might be going on with Pragya. He asks her to depart and says he’s ruined due to her.

Tanu asks will you assist me or now not. Nikhil says you are selfish. He says you simply need to inform your factor and don’t need to listen me. Tanu says I don’t want to pay attention you. He says you are inauspicious and says he got a person’s call and he asked for cash. He says he is ruined due to her and says Abhi is ruining me by accident. Tanu provokes him in opposition to Abhi and says you merits revenge. She says if you take revenge from Abhi and harm Pragya then i’m able to give you 1 crore Rs. Nikhil says I realize you have no cash. Tanu says I stayed with Abhi for 7 years and have gathered an awful lot cash. She asks him to harm Pragya’s twins so that everybody overlook smiling at Mehra residence.
Abhi asks Dasi why they need to grease her palms. Dasi and Dadi tell that it’s miles a rasam. Abhi says she can not appearance pleasant in oily hairs. Pragya blackmails him emotionally and says you don’t love me now. Taya ji says you’re long gone? Nikhil comes there and joins as dhol guy. Abhi says you are so desirable. Pragya laughs and says she is joking. Tanu is sitting in nikhil’s house and awaiting him. She thinks how a whole lot time, he will take and then my time will come. She says I want to hurt Pragya, but now want to make Abhi cry. She acts crazy and says Abhi shall know that i will now not allow him be glad with Pragya. She beverages and says now he ought to remember that i’m in his life best and no one else. She says Pragya…you have to cross after which Abhi will see me then and he has to accept me. She thinks to get ready to fulfill him. She then thinks she shall look stupid and everybody shall sympathize with her. She waits for Nikhil’s call. She says your barsi could be celebrated there. Kiara comes and collides with Nikhil, and says sorry. She is going to Abhi and says she desires to dance. Abhi says we will dance altogether. Dasi says she shall no longer dance on this condition. Abhi says we can dance slowly. They dance slowly. Abhi takes Kiara and dances. Kiara kisses them.

Kiara runs to her room even as her parents are dancing. Nikhil is going in the back of her. Tanu asks if the paintings is executed. Nikhil says timing is wanted for such matters and says paintings can be accomplished. Tanu says pageant temper is probably going on. Nikhil says if killing pragya is straightforward then you definately have to have accomplished and says Abhi is dancing with Pragya and is caught along with her. He says i’m wondering seeing how their love blossoming. Tanu says I loved Abhi very plenty and that’s why didn’t take delivery of your love. Nikhil says I never loved you, it is good you didn’t love me. I just want Abhi’s cash. He thinks to hide the gun someway. Tanu thinks she can get Abhi for forever as Abhi loves Kiara very lots. She thinks to like Kiara and make her stick insect like her. She says Kiara…my daughter…i really like you and could see you soon. Kiara searches for Pragya’s smartphone and thinks she needs their pictures. She clicks her percent and thinks she is quite like her mum. Aaliya asks wherein is she going? Kiara says downstairs. She clicks selfie together with her. Nikhil sees Kiara. Kiara recollects seeing him and asks if he is the identical guy who did John’s murder and her coincidence. She says she can inform all people. Abhi is with Pragya and makes her have candies. Tayi ji hears the sound and asks Mitali to test the children. Kiara runs far from Nikhil and hides in the back of the pillar. Nikhil comes near the pillar and is going. Kiara sees Mitali at the other aspect of balcony and calls her. Nikhil comes to Kiara and says I recognize you are here. He says you could’t be saved now. He says if I catch then you definately it’ll be bad.

Precap: Abhi asks Sunny approximately Kiara. Sunny says he doesn’t recognise. Mitali says she become shouting at the same time as you had been gambling together with her. Sunny says no. Pragya tells that Kiara isn’t always nicely. Nikhil takes subconscious Kiara to room.


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