Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Riya wasn’t capable of kiss Rahul. Shahana says if she will’t be given her defeat, she shouldn’t have established the project. Riya became about to slap Shahana however Prachi holds her hand in midair, she warns Riya to do not forget this insult subsequent time if she plans the ragging. Riya was furious and thinks she gained’t depart her well worth living in the metropolis, college aside.
Shahana was excited about the big university. Prachi says they shouldn’t leave out the first lecture. Shahana became decided to take the magnificence while Shahana wanted to look the complete university and is going the other facet. a few ladies were speakme about a football hero of the college, Ranbir. Shahana comes to a decision to follow the women. Ranbir rankings the prevailing purpose for his group. the crowd cheers, while he does a headstand. The team holds him up at the shoulders.

Shahana has an issue with a girl as he enhances Ranbir to be a perfect man. She is going to percentage her experience with Prachi.
Prachi came out of the elegance. A soccer rolls to her toes. She calls whose ball that is.
outside the locker room, Ranbir was crowded by some of ladies all reminding about him promises to them for date. Prachi comes there from behind. The ladies ask if he isn’t going with them because of her. Ranbir turns to Prachi, and says nerds are actually showing attention in him. Prachi returns the ball. Ranbir symptoms the ball. He tells Prachi to preserve the ball. when he’s an worldwide participant, she will be able to sell it and be rich. Prachi pushes the ball away, and tells him to sell this for now and purchase a shirt for himself. She leaves. Ranbir palms the ball to the ladies already in the locker room.
Shahana involves Prachi and tells her about assembly the hottest guy of the college. Ranbir passes by way of however Prachi wasn’t impressed.
At domestic, Riya changed into curt. Aaliya comes to her and asks what the problem is. Riya tells her that a girl did her ragging. Aaliya says Riya is Abhishek Mehra’s daughter, and Aaliya Mehra’s niece; she have to return what she got in double amount. Riya have to return her insult with hobby. She additionally suggestions about a marvel for Riya for her birthday day after today. Riya thank you Aaliya for constantly displaying her a new perspective, today Riya Mehra learned to return in double what she gets. Aaliya adds in that she should flow on afterwards, they don’t deserve their attention.
Prachi and Shahana come home. They hear Chachi ji telling her Chacha they can’t find the money for the charges of those ladies. Shahana become irritated, however Chachi actually makes her demand. The women say they may set up for a payment. in the room, Shahana become indignant over Chachi for her needs. Prachi says it’s no longer Chacha ji’s mistake, but he by no means speaks in front of his spouse. She makes a decision to search for a activity handiest tomorrow. Shahana turned into crying. Prachi says they must face their troubles, and they will certainly combat this one together.
the subsequent morning, Riya wakes up beneath the bathe of flora over herself. Her room had been fantastically embellished. Abhi wishes her early morning. Disha comes with a bouquet for her.
PRECAP Abhi talk with Purab that Pragya snatched Dadi, then Kiara from him. Now he wonders if he would ever be able to see his elder daughter. There, Prachi comes to Mehra residence and was excited to look the grandeur.


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