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Everyone such as Mitali, Disha and Dasi Dadi wish Riya. Disha guarantees a big wonder. Mitali wonders what may be a extra present than a vehicle. Abhi hands Riya a diamond bracelet. Riya loves the design as she had saved it in her laptop. Riya says she desires to visit university and whispers to Aalya about her revenge. Riya leaves without even cutting the cake. all of us at home became disenchanted but Abhi cheers them up.

Pragya remembers while she turned into parted by Riya. She prays for her more youthful daughter. Bee ji asks if she is praying for her younger daughter, like she has finished for beyond twenty years. Pragya says her more youthful one isn’t together with her, she sends her prayers via God.

Prachi and Shahana at ease a task of waitress in a grand party. Shahana changed into sad by means of a mere profits of Rs. four hundred but Prachi became nice that it’ll be 10000 a month.

Pragya needs she will be able to speak to Prachi. She wonders if Abhi might have needed their younger daughter, does she even have acknowledged about an elder sister. She want her daughters could celebrate their birthday collectively.

There, Abhi confirms from Disha if she did the alms and disbursed cake. Disha says she does this every yr, and he confirms. Abhi says he likes doing all this for his elder daughter as well, Pragya first took Kiara from him after which his elder daughter as nicely.

Prachi and Shahana were ready to depart for the characteristic. Sweety remarks where they were given these same attire and inquires wherein they are going. Prachi says they may be going to a feature and wore equal clothes for that. She gets a name from Pragya. Bee ji and Pragya wish Prachi a birthday. the call changed into reduce. Prachi’s cell cellphone changed into out of battery. Shahana asks Sweety about her telephone for a video call, and guarantees her a brand new footwear. They disguise their garments and makes the video call. Pragya gets emotional on the call. Pragya says she isn’t crying, then inquires how they may be and what they are upto. Bee ji asks Prachi to calm Pragya down. Bee ji notices the attire. Prachi and Shahana lie that they were given a gift from Chacha. Pragya asks about the weather. Prachi says they favored the town, human beings also are sincerely first-class. Shahana qualifies this indicates, the circle of relatives, associates and everybody in the university. Pragya asks them to ship a picture of celebrations. Prachi takes a go away, as they must go for dinner.

Dadi greets Poorab inside the birthday celebration. Poorab says its Riya’s birthday. He asks Dadi now not to take anxiety, Chilax. Dadi says Abhi is angry at him, whilst Poorab is scolded then they will each say Chilax. Poorab comes upstairs to Abhi who was looking after birthday arrangements. Abhi become angry that Poorab didn’t reach award show. Poorab says he didn’t get the flight. Abhi tells Poorab it’s a unique day, its birthday of each their daughters. Poorab says Disha gave them each a toddler in order that the ones kids could connect them each, but none concept Abhi won’t be able to see his different daughter, and Pragya will by no means meet Riya. Abhi says Pragya by no means needed them to be collectively. He wonders if she don’t forget she has a younger daughter as properly. Poorab says it wasn’t Pragya’s mistake. Abhi says it’s not about mistake, it’s that each time Pragya leaves his lifestyles, there is a void created and shakes his entire self. First he took away Dadi, then Kiara; and he wonders if he could ever be capable of see his different daughter now. Prachi arrives at Mehra house and was excited to look the grandeur. Abhi receives a call from Riya and is going inner, whilst Poorab is going to get equipped.
Pragya brings kheer and cupcakes. She says Kheer is Prachi’s preferred, and cupcakes as Abhi loves them and Kiara additionally did. If her younger could be like her she must love kheer, and if she might have been like her father and Abhi then she need to love cupcakes. She sends quite a few prayers for each her daughters. Then she thank you Bee ji.

Prachi supports Dadi who became about to fell down. Dadi asks Prachi who she is, Prachi introduces herself as caterer. Dadi become inspired. Shahana comes there and calls Dadi as Dadi. Dadi permits Prachi to name her Dadi as nicely. Prachi and Shahana have an issue. Dadi says they combat just like her daughter and son and thinks about Pragya.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode update: Riya tells Aaliya that is the same girl who insulted her in the college in front of everybody. Aaliya gives Riya a undertaking. Prachi tells Abhi her mother constantly says one should wear by way of different’s consent.


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