Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Everybody worrying for Kiara. Mitali says she isn’t always inside the kitchen too. Disha says Kiara said that she will be able to bring her buddy and says she may have gone there. Servant offers the cellphone name to Pragya. Nikhil asks her to offer the call to Abhi. Pragya says they are busy. Nikhil asks in the event that they want to understand about Kiara and asks her to provide the decision to Abhi. Abhi takes the call and asks wherein is Kiara? Nikhil tells that she is with her and begins the countdown. Nikhil’s man as waiter’s conceal maintains an envelope on facet table. Nikhil asks Abhi to check the envelope kept at the table. Pragya opens the envelope and take a look at the percent, shouts kiara. Nikhil says she ought to have seen Kiara’s percent. Abhi asks who are you and in which is my p.c? Nikhil says i will name you and inform about the money to be send.

Abhi warns him not to damage his daughter. Pragya asks where is she? Abhi says someone has kidnapped Kiara and inquiring for ransom. He says i can call Police. Pragya asks him not to call Police. Abhi says i’m able to call my friend from crime branch. He says the whole thing may be unofficial. He calls his pal Ashish and tells about Kiara’s kidnapping and asks him now not to report any document. Ashish says adequate. Pragya asks Abhi why did he call him. Abhi says the entirety will be unofficial. Pragya cries. Abhi asks her to handle herself and toddlers, and says i can take care of Kiara. Disha takes Pragya with her. Abhi asks Purab to take Maasis to room. He says i am coming Kiara, daddy will not let something take place to you. Kiara is stored tied infront of Nikhil.

Nikhil says he don’t like her and throws water on her face. Kiara says i’m able to now not inform every body or Police about you. She asks him to leave her. Nikhil asks his man to present her meals as she is lottery to him. Kiara asks him to permit her pass else she can run away and Papa will get him arrested. Nikhil slaps her. Kiara cries. Nikhil shouts asking her now not to cry. Purab asks Dadi what she is wondering? Dadi cries. Dasi asks if anyone had a fight with Abhi. Purab asks them to agree with Abhi and says Ashish is in CBI dept. He asks them to have braveness and be robust infront of Pragya. Dasi says we shall give courage to Pragya. Ashish comes to satisfy Abhi. His member of the family comes there too.

Ashish makes him meet his team. They tell that they need a temple. Ashish asks about CCTV footage. Taya ji says i’m able to get it. Ashish tells that he’s going to record the calls. He searches for clues within the residence and receives Kiara’s chain close to the pillar. Abhi says it’s miles of Kiara. He tells that the kidnapper came right here for some other work, but while Kiara noticed her, he got afraid and abducted her. Pragya comes and tells about Kiara witnessing John’s twist of fate. Ashish says this man knows everything about house. Abhi attempts to pacify Pragya. Pragya asks him no longer to permit some thing appear to Kiara. Abhi promises her and asks her to attend to herself and children. He tells that he’s going to deliver Kiara. phone rings once more. Ashish asks him to ask about Kiara and communicate continuously so that his men trace the call. Abhi choices the decision, however it ends quickly. Nikhil calls Abhi once more and asks why you aren’t choosing my name. Abhi asks wherein is Kiara, let me speak to her once. Nikhil asks him to bring three crores. Pragya comes there. Nikhil ends the decision. Abhi asks Purab and Taya ji to arrange the money from the bank.

Nikhil is glad and rejoice. His goon asks if he’s going to return the lady after taking cash. Nikhil says if i am mad and says I will kill her, the moment i am getting her and my revenge will be fulfilled. Kiara gets scared. Ashish tells Abhi that Kidnapper asked simply three crores as he wants revenge. He says in 95% cases, kidnappers kill the toddler after you have ransom. Abhi says I’m hoping this case will be amongst five percentage and says I am geared up to take the hazard. Ashish thinks what to do to store Kiara and thinks of a manner. one of the goon feed meals to Kiara. He opens her blindfold. Kiara calls him an angel uncle. Goon says I came to have food. Kiara asks him to make him communicate with her family. Goon refuses. Kiara tells that her mamma is pregnant and says the doctor asked her now not to take anxiety. She says at least call and inform that I’m quality in order that she don’t take tension. The goon asks her not to speak to him if she wishes his family betterment. different goon comes there and ties her blindfold.

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Precap: Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode update Nikhil calls Abhi. Kiara asks Abhi to make her speak to mamma. Aaliya comes to Tanu and asks about Pragya. Nikhil asks Abhi to get the cash.


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