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The Episode begins with Meera disclosing to Pragya that she loved the manner in which she is reproving her and says we should meet formally. She requests her introduction. Somebody requests that the driver move the vehicle. Pragya says fare thee well and leaves. Meera additionally leaves. Aryan discloses to Ranbir that the young lady didn’t give him any consideration. Ranbir says she will come and begins the commencement. The young lady comes to Ranbir and gives him diet cola. She says I came here as you didn’t ask my name. She says I am nethra. He says I am Ranbir. He approaches her for a date. Nethra says she is small time lady and got separate as of late. She says she can turn into his sweetheart. Prachi comes and enlightens Nethra regarding Ranbir and Aryan’s arrangement. Meera gets back home and informs Dadi regarding the woman (pragya) chastening her as her Pallu was out of entryway, so she chided her for concern like a senior sister. Dadi asks how was she? Meera gives her portrayal. Dadi considers Pragya and grins. Prachi asks Nethra to avoid Ranbir. Nethra requests that her go and says dumbo, I will be here and tells that he is Ranbir and it is alright in the event that she is his sweetheart for seven days. Ranbir asks Prachi do you need assistance. Nethra says no. He inquires as to whether she cherishes him covertly. He asks her not to address him and says in the event that you wander around me, at that point will turn into my young lady companion. Prachi says she will turn out to be just if her life association is cut and tells this is absurd. She requests that Aryan avoid Ranbir. Ranbir goes upset. Nethra reveals to Aryan that she will end up being his better half straightaway. Aryan gets upbeat. He asks Ranbir what was the deal? Ranbir says he is disturbed as a result of Prachi. Aryan says he thought her veritable. A person is going in a rush. Ranbir says he will propose somebody.

Rhea’s companions disclose to her that Prachi is getting to be prevalent and that Shahana is spreading gossipy tidbits about Prachi’s mum mishap and so forth. Shaina requests that her avoid Prachi. Rhea says she is Rhea Mehra and don’t have to gain from her. She goes to the container. A person comes to Rhea and inquires as to whether she distinguished him. Rhea inquires as to whether she is Tom journey. He says he is Shahrukh khan. He says you are the most lovely young lady, I have ever found in my life. He requests that her give him great rating with the goal that he can propose her. Aaliya says I will give you 1 out of 10 and gets some information about it. He requests an opportunity and requests that her acknowledge his affection. Rhea gets some information about his vehicle. He says I don’t have vehicle. Rhea says you need to make me insane. She calls him middleclass and says she abhors Prachi, him and others.

Dadi converses with the God and says she realizes that the woman was Pragya and says she more likely than not gone to old house where we used to remain together. She requests that God join them. Tai ji comes and says you are correct. Dadi asks did you see Pragya. Tai ji says no, yet I confide in you. Dadi says I trust on Abhi and Pragya’s affection.

Ranbir converses with the person Rosh… who tells that Rhea has rejected him. Ranbir says you will get more. Rosh tells that Rhea and him (Ranbir) are not dismissed by anybody till now. He says you both are appropriate for one another. Ranbir gets a thought and considers on the off chance that they become a couple, at that point their Jodi will be the best combo of cool and hot. He says on the off chance that I reveal to Rhea that lets become the most smoking couple, she will concur and says the two of them have class.

Vikram’s significant other Pallavi reveals to him that she gave him dashing child like Ranbir and asks what did you give me consequently. Vikram says even I gave you the equivalent. She requests the dashing marriage commemoration party. He requests that her state I cherish you… and says they will host gathering at a seven star inn. Abhi and Vikram’s beeji come there. Pallavi says she needs to keep party at home. Abhi says he will ask Meera to sort out. Pallavi gets upbeat and crashes into Abhi in energy and the sauce from the plate falls on him. Vikram requests the food provider. Abhi says I will put on something else first.

Pragya thinks meet was great, however on the off chance that they will imagine that I am from a little city. She says work is required for Prachi and Shahana’s future. She opens the window and moves the shades. She supposes to think of her journal. She considers on the off chance that she is Rhea’s mum.

Precap Upcoming Kumkum Bhagya Episode Update: Pragya gets some information about Rhea’s dad name. Shahana considers while and says Mr. Mehra. She tells about the bearings of Mehra Mansion. Pragya is astonished.


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