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Alia sees a car speeding towards her. The car comes straight to Alia and it seems that Alia will no longer be left

In Kumkum Bhagya, you saw that Poorab tells Alia that the weather outside is very bad, do not get out in such weather. Here Disha is unable to stop thinking about the Poorab. Disha thinks about Pragya. She tries to get Pragya’s help. Pragya calls Disha and asks to meet in private. Pragya gets ready to meet.

Ranveer asks Aryan to call Shahana. Aryan calls Shahana, but she does not pick up the phone. They now think of another option. Ranveer tells Aryan that he will write a note for Shahana. Aryan feels that Ranveer will be very rough, but he is very cute when he reads her. Then Vikram comes to the room. Aryan is about to tell Vikram that Ranveer stops him.

Aliya gets upset by Purab’s behavior. She angrily leaves the house. Aaliya sees a car speeding towards her. The car comes immediately to Aaliya and it seems that Aaliya will no longer be left.

However, at the same time Poorab comes and quickly pulls Aaliya towards her. Poorab hugs Alia. Aaliya gets emotional. At the same time, we will see that the car is driving Disha rather than anyone else. Disha goes a little farther and sees Alia hugging Poorab. She then decides to leave immediately.

Here Alia fights from the Poorab. She wants him to apologize for meeting Poorab Disha. Alia feels that Poorab is cheating on her. Aaliya starts crying and asks if he still loves Disha. Aaliya takes a promise from him that he will not lie further, Poorab promises him this.

Pragya is worried about the Disha. As she goes to Disha’s house, Disha pulls her towards her and hugs her. She hugs Pragya and starts crying. Disha tells the full story of Alia from Pragya. Pragya tries to calm her down, but she is upset.

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