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The Episode starts with Aaliya beating Nishant inside the lock up and twists his hand. Nishant shouts, however no person hears his screams. Aaliya takes out her jewelry and pierces in his hand after which wears it again. Nishant shouts. Rhea asks her to rush up. Aaliya asks Nishant if he will take Rhea’s name. Inspector, Abhi and Vikram come there. Abhi says aaliya you are here. Inspector says she will’t touch the man in custody. He says he can report case against her. Abhi asks why did she come? Aaliya says you humans didn’t tell me, as i am no one. He asks why did you return? Aaliya says this man trapped harmless lady like Prachi and were given irritated seeing her. Rhea thinks she is clearing her side. Aaliya asks Abhi now not to agree with him and says he can entice all people, you, Vikram or me. She says lets police do the paintings and says shall we pass. Abhi says i understand how a whole lot to accept as true with him and asks Nishant to inform who asked him to maintain pills in Prachi’s bags. Nishant says i’m able to tell the name, however you gained’t believe me. He says your daughter Rhea. Shahana sees Aryan within the university and smiles seeing him. He asks why are you smiling at me and says you usually fight with me. Shahana says I got here to thanks as you…after which says she is satisfied and announcing thanks to every person. She says she is awaiting Prachi. Aryan says i’m looking ahead to Ranbir. She asks do you wait for him day by day? He asks why? She thinks why is she behaving unusually and thinks some thing is odd. He sits on the other chair and says we are able to wait together, as i’m able to appearance as fool. Shahana says we both will appearance fool. Aryan says if we don’t speak then they may think we’re peculiar. Shahana says you are right.

Nishant tells that Rhea had insulted with his Chacha and that’s why he deliberate to hold drugs in her bags, but mistakenly kept pills in Prachi’s baggage. Abhi says Rhea did right. Vikram scolds him for taking Rhea’s call and asks why you took her call. Abhi asks Inspector no longer to call him once more for Nishant.

Aaliya asks Rhea to satisfy her in the car. Rhea asks her how she convinced Nishant? A facebook is shown, Aaliya threatens him and tells that she will provide money to his man and could take him out from jail and set his existence, but if he is taking Rhea’s call then she can make his lifestyles a dwelling hell in prison. facebook ends. Rhea thanks Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to loosen up.

Ranbir comes there carrying headphone and paying attention to tune. He collides with Prachi. Prachi says we are in college, this headphone isn’t allowed in university. he is taking it out. She says she needs to speak to him. Ranbir says I understand what you need to say and why you consider to speak to me. She asks why you’re disenchanted? Ranbir says you’ll scold me and make contact with me mannerless, and all manners are in you. he says you’ll make me recognise that i’m mannerless, but i am no longer in a mood to hear your lecture. Prachi says I notion you are desirable and have manners, but you are appropriate infront of your family. She says you became precise till the day before today and now you acquire vanity in college. She goes upset. Ranbir calls her secretary and asks her to come to university on time. Shahana comes to Prachi. Aryan goes to Ranbir. Prachi is angry at Ranbir. Shahana says do what happened with me.

Rhea and Aaliya promote the movie Judgemental Hai kya..Rhea tells that she has many superheroes in her lifestyles, one is dad, other is Prachi’s mother. Aaliya says Prachi’s mom. Rhea says she is so sweet and has warm temperature. She says when I heard her crying for Prachi, I felt simply awful. She says she saved Prachi and Ranbir and says she is one girl navy. Aaliya says center magnificence human beings had been like this and says even your mum was like this, she used to affect all and says what she did on the ultimate, betrayed us. Rhea receives emotional and cries. Aaliya asks her to stay away from middle elegance humans. Rhea says Prachi’s mom is so good. Aaliya asks her not to cry. Rhea asks her to drop her within the side and says she will be able to meet her friend and are available returned home. She receives down the auto and thinks Prachi’s mum is good.

Beeji involves Ranbir and asks her to come near her. He asks what befell? Beeji says you know that i love you very a whole lot and says she don’t like to see him in jail. Ranbir says i’m outdoor now and tells that it isn’t a awful vicinity. He says he made a chum in jail additionally and he turned into so best. Beeji says no criminal is ideal. She says she don’t love it. He receives Prachi’s call and she asks him to convey blue coloration file from his house. Ranbir asks who is boss and asks her to return to his residence and take the record. Prachi thinks he have become arrogant after turning into boss. Beeji asks who changed into on the decision? Ranbir tells that she is so arrogant. Beeji says don’t understand if you will fall in love with her. Ranbir says no and tells that she has not even one excellent to affect me. He says i like a person else. Beeji asks whom? He recalls Rhea asking him now not to inform every body about her. Beeji offers him promise and asks him to tell. He describes Rhea. Beeji asks him not to deliver her infront of her. Ranbir says he is joking.

Pragya is sewing something. Shahana says she wants to analyze later. Prachi searches for dupatta. Shahana says you’re wearing this. Prachi goes. Pragya closes the door. Prachi jewelry the bell. Pragya opens the door. Prachi comes interior and says she forgot her handbag. She receives her handbag and is going. Door bell rings once more. Pragya opens the door and finds Rhea standing.

Precap: Shahana blames Rhea for snatching Prachi’s mum from her. Sarita behen asks Abhi to meet her and Prachi’s mum outdoor. Abhi says he will reach there in 5 mins.


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